The 7 Types of Stoners: A List

What is a stoner? For a long time, people believed anyone who used cannabis was a “lazy stoner.” The term conjured images of a barely coherent, unmotivated individual sprawled out on the sofa smoking weed and eating junk food all day. 

Today, we know this stereotype to be a myth. We also know “stoner” doesn’t refer to just one type of person. There are actually many types of stoners out there, all looking to enjoy the benefits of their favorite strains and cannabis products. Let’s have a bit of fun and take a closer look at some of the most common ones.

1. The Organic or Naturalist Smoker

The organic smoker is the one who strives to keep their experiences pure and sustainable. They always opt for organic, pesticide-free buds and chemical-free rolling papers. For the most part, these stoners are peaceful and easy-going. Just don’t let them catch you dropping your finished joint on the ground.

2. The Heavy User

The heavy user is the stoner with a seemingly impossibly high weed tolerance. They take the biggest hits and smoke the most. And no amount of cannabis or THC ever seems to knock them back. They know what they’re doing, and it’s pretty impressive. 

3. The Novice

Either brand new to cannabis or an infrequent user, the novice doesn’t know a whole lot yet. They might feel uncomfortable or lack confidence as they explore the wide world of weed. Even small amounts of cannabis can prove too much. With the support of more experienced users, though, the novice can learn and grow. 

4. The Connoisseur 

The connoisseur is a researcher. They dive deep to learn everything they can about cannabis, including strain information, terpene profiles, growing processes, and more. They know what makes quality weed and tend to have the best stuff on them. They’re often more than happy to share what they know, too. 

5. The Philosopher

Also known as the “deep thinker,” the philosopher is a talker. After a few hits, they start asking all sorts of questions and pondering the deeper meaning of everything. You’ll probably have some of the best conversations with these stoners. 

6. The Gearhead

Think of the gearhead as the “techie” stoner. They’re always up-to-date on the latest gadgets and tools for cannabis consumption and have a device (or two or three) for every situation. When a new technology hits dispensary shelves, you can bet the gearhead is among the first to own it.    

7. The Moocher

For many cannabis enthusiasts, weed is a social thing. And most are more than happy to share their stash. The moocher, however, takes advantage of this kindness. They’ll partake in what others bring but never reciprocate. If you know a moocher, you might consider (nicely) bringing it to their attention.

Find Products for All Types of Stoners at Campfire Cannabis 

These are just a handful of the different types of stoners you may encounter in the cannabis community. No matter what type you are, remember that quality weed matters. At Campfire Cannabis, you’ll find a vast selection of the highest-quality cannabis products in Massachusetts. From fresh buds and concentrates to edibles, tinctures, and topicals, we have something for every stoner type. Check out our menu online, or stop by our dispensary today!

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