The Recreational Cannabis User Toolkit: Top 10 Tools to Have

In recent years, cannabis has gone from being a taboo topic to the linchpin of a booming industry. Widespread changes in cultural perceptions of the plant have led to the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis in several states. This new mainstream cannabis culture has sparked innovations in how the plant is grown and consumed. New and better quality strains are on the market, along with more efficient tools that can be used to partake in them. 

Want to learn how to navigate new cannabis tools, and which ones you need for a top-tier experience? Keep reading.

Must-Have Tools for Any Cannabis User

Whether you’re new to the world of cannabis or a long-time user, understanding the different tools available could make or break your experience. There are many ways to enjoy cannabis, and having the right foundational tools will ensure that you get the most out of your weed. Some of the best cannabis products you should consider for your toolkit include:

Weed App(s)

Whether you’re wanting to learn more about cannabis or learn where you can find some, weed apps are your best bet for this type of information. Most of today’s businesses have transitioned to digital channels that are convenient for both the business and the consumer, and the cannabis industry is no exception. Weed apps now allow you to learn more about your weed, find nearby dispensaries, and even order delivery


If you’ve smoked weed or have seen it being smoked, you’ve likely experienced it in its ground-up form. Grinders are made of two moving parts and small teeth that, once introduced to the bud, will crush it up into small pieces. This makes it smoother to smoke and easier to pack into a bong or roll into a joint.

CannaCloud Vaporizer System

The CannaCloud Vaporizer System is a single-use pod-based vaporizer system that has changed the game when it comes to convenient and discreet cannabis use. You simply pop a pod into the canister, press a button, and within 60 seconds you have a smoke-free dose of vapor. The pods each contain the same amount of weed, so you know exactly how much you’re getting every time, and the product design eliminates the smell as well as the cleanup associated with traditional smoking.


Storing weed goes beyond showcasing your cleanliness and organization skills. In fact, proper storage is vital when it comes to keeping your weed fresh. Additionally, storage containers make it easy to take your weed on the go without the risk of making a mess, negatively impacting the freshness of your weed, or having others be able to smell your weed through your bag.


Lighters are a classic staple piece for any smoker’s cannabis toolkit. Our tip for this obvious choice, however, is to have a different lighter for every situation. Large lighters are great for the house and will not be easily lost, small lighters are fit for travel, and torch lighters are a dab user’s best friend. If you want to get fancy, our Toker Poker Lighter is a lighter sleeve that comes with a poker, hemp wick, and tamper, which are must-haves for any smoker.

Cleaning Solution

Pipes, bongs, and other glassware must be cleaned regularly in order to maintain their safety and functionality. A good cleaning solution will ensure that all of your tools are properly cleaned and ready for use. Improperly cleaned glassware can lead to bacterial growth, foul smells, and reduced functionality.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are a must for any cannabis user that is a fan of joints. Make it fun by trying different flavored wraps!

Odor Control

Although cannabis is becoming more normalized, its smell is still a sensitive aspect for some. If the smell is something you prefer keeping under wraps, we recommend grabbing some tools such as odor-eliminating storage bags, sprays, candles, and air filters.

Rolling Machine

Rolling nice joints is no easy feat, and even seasoned cannabis users may find this task to be quite tedious. Rolling machines help ensure a consistently nice joint roll every time, and help take some work out of enjoying your weed.

Rolling Tray

Rolling trays are the perfect tool for anyone wanting to keep a clean space and preserve their weed. These trays provide a designated flat space for you to handle your weed and make it easy to collect and save the residue once you have rolled your desired amount. 

Start Building Your Toolkit

The world of cannabis is growing at a rapid rate and new products are constantly entering the mix. At Campfire Cannabis, we enjoy guiding and informing our fellow cannabis users so that they can fully enjoy their experience. Start building your toolkit now by shopping all of our cannabis accessories and tools!

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