Why Does Weed Give You the Munchies?

A ubiquitous claim surrounding weed is that of the munchies: the irresistible craving for certain foods that often accompanies a marijuana high.

Many people are familiar with the power of Mother Nature’s wackiest wildflower to elevate consciousness and appetites alike. If you’re one of them, perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering as part of your deep high thoughts: Why does weed give you the munchies? Let’s find out.

What Are the Munchies?

“Munchies” refers to an intense hunger many experience while using marijuana. Contemporary tokers and circa 300 B.C. stoners alike have referenced this quintessential characteristic of smoking weed. 

The symptoms of the weed munchies are fairly limited, intensely noticeable, and immediately recognizable. They include: 

  • An acute and sudden hunger, especially for foods with pronounced sweet, salty, or bitter flavor profiles. 
  • A noticeably enhanced enjoyment of the desired foods.
  • An increased sense of the typical elation of a marijuana high.

Why Do You Get Hungry After Getting High?

Munchies have likely been a reliable indicator of a successful smoke-out since the first time a person dried a marijuana plant, put it in their pipe, and smoked it. But it took modern-day science to conclusively determine why weed gives you the munchies.

In short, it’s caused by interactions between THC and specific cannabinoid receptors (CB1) located in areas of the body that regulate your appetite.

The activation of CB1 typically has a stimulating effect on your appetite and how your body responds to food. For example, CB1 in the basal ganglia enhance the pleasure you get from eating, while those in the limbic forebrain make food taste better.

What Are the Best Foods for the Munchies?

Because the munchies increase your desire for sweet, salty, and savory foods in particular, the classic go-to options for what munchies to eat are generally of the junk food variety: cookies, snack cakes, pizza, french fries, and of course potato chips of every variety. 

That said, if you’re interested in healthier options for soothing a weed-induced snack attack, opt for foods that go easy on sugar, sodium, and trans fats but still provide a savory, flavorful experience. Consider snacking on: 

  • Hummus and veggies
  • Frozen grapes
  • Frozen yogurt
  • Tortilla chips and guacamole 
  • Healthy but flavorful cheeses like cheddar, mozzarella, manchego, and goat cheese

Munchies can come on quickly, so consider planning ahead and prepping pre-smoke so you have something on hand to keep you from reaching for the Doritos. Additionally, the munchies’ onset, severity, and duration are all influenced by how you choose to get high. 

For example, smoking a joint or a bowl usually results in faster-hitting munchies, while edibles often delay the onset of weed munchies, but causes cravings that are generally stronger and longer-lasting. 

For the Best High, Choose Campfire Cannabis 

Choosing the best snacks for your post-smoke munchies is fundamental for an enjoyable high. But your first consideration should be choosing a strain that jibes with your favorite high activities. Campfire Cannabis offers an unbeatable selection of strains for enhancing your high and what you do with it. Whether marijuana fuels your creative juices or puts you in the perfect head space for practicing yoga, our knowledgeable budtenders can help you find the strain that’s best for you.

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