Deep High Thoughts: Fascinating Questions To Dwell On High

“Getting high” can mean many different things to many different marijuana users. For some, it’s a good source of needed relaxation and rest. For others, it provides a noticeable burst of energy and motivation to get through the day. But regardless of what kind of high you are looking for, one thing tends to remain constant: you will probably ask a lot of fascinating questions! If you want to get high to get a jump on some of the deeper questions in life, let’s look at how exactly marijuana affects your brain to get you in the questioning mood. Then, let’s look at some fascinating questions and thoughts to have while high. 

How Does Marijuana Affect Our Brains?

Scientific studies have shown that marijuana usage increases blood flow to different parts of your brain that relate to your consciousness. This change in blood flow results in alterations to your consciousness that causes you to consider questions that you otherwise may not have even considered. After all, if you’ve ever experienced “high questions,” you know that they usually seem so obvious you can’t imagine why you didn’t think of them when sober. To oversimplify things a bit, three distinct parts of your brain get altered by marijuana usage, which puts you in the position to ask these questions in the first place. 

  • The Frontal Cortex: Located in the front of your brain, the frontal cortex is the center point of your cognition. It responds to stimuli, consolidates sense perception, and brings together information from other parts of the brain to form complex thoughts. 
  • The Insular Cortex: Located in both hemispheres of your brain, the insular cortex (or “insula”) helps you emotionally process experiences, differentiate yourself from what’s not “you,” and allows you to experience emotions such as happiness, pain, and anger. 
  • The Cingulate Gyrus: Located in your cerebral cortex, the cingulate gyrus helps regulate your behavior, process your emotions, express language, regulate your motor functions, and make decisions. 

Types of Questions to Dwell on While High

Looking at how marijuana affects these parts of your brain, and therefore your consciousness, here are five types of questions to dwell on while high. 

  1. Divergent thinking questions: Think about different possible solutions to certain problems that are less intuitive or obvious. Brainstorm things you can do with common items at your disposal. 
  2. Lateral thinking questions: Ask yourself how you can approach a problem or issue in a creative way that doesn’t involve linear, step-by-step logic. 
  3. Creative thinking questions: Question the artistic or poetic significance of ubiquitous objects, thoughts, or concepts that you normally take for granted. 
  4. Deconstructive thinking questions: Ask yourself why things are the way they are. Consider the common stoner refrain: “What even is [so-and-so], man?” 
  5. Emotional thinking questions: Given the increased blood flow to emotional centers in your brain, being high is a great time to question how you can better emotionally relate to others in your life, or where your current emotional relations could be improved. 

Getting the Best High For You

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