People Are Combining Cannabis With Yoga (So Here’s What to Know)

Yoga and cannabis experienced increased popularity around the same time, and their similarities in benefits led to people combining the two. Exactly what do a plant and yoga poses have in common? Both allow you to tap into your physical, mental, and spiritual space to find peace and balance. Keep reading to learn more about why cannabis and yoga are a great pair and tips for combining them to reach your desired result.

Why Do Cannabis and Yoga Compliment Each Other?

Yoga is an ancient practice focusing on breath work while completing a series of poses, also known as asanas. Coupled together, the controlled breathing and intentional poses allow you to find balance between your mind, body, and spirit. Yoga often uses meditation as an additional effort toward reaching complete relaxation of the mind and body.

In the same way, certain strains of cannabis can facilitate relaxation in both the mind and body. For some, cannabis can also be used to access and explore your spiritual side, as your mind begins to let down walls and you are able to think freely. 

When coupled together, cannabis and yoga work to reach the same goals. Stacey Mulvey, the founder of a cannabis-centric yoga company, explains how cannabis activates your endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating homeostasis in the body. 

Similarly, when you take part in a yoga flow, you begin to feel a sense of calm that is a response to your endocannabinoid system being activated. Since both cannabis and yoga work toward achieving the same physiological goals, they are often paired nicely together and used to reach the optimal desired result. 

Tips and Tricks for Combining Yoga and Cannabis

Although cannabis and yoga are great when paired together, it’s important to consider some tips when combining them. Some things to keep in mind if you decide to try your hand at cannabis-centric yoga include:

  • Carefully dose yourself. Although you want to reach peak relaxation, you want to avoid getting so high that you are unable to complete a yoga flow.
  • Do a test run at your home if you’re worried about how cannabis might affect your yoga. Once you’ve seen that your body and mind react well to it, you can feel more comfortable joining a cannabis-friendly class.
  • Choose a strain that won’t work against your goals. It is best to choose a strain that promotes both physical and mental relaxation to align with the goals of yoga.

Choosing the Best Strain for Yoga

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of combining cannabis and yoga, your first step is to choose the right strain. This can make or break your experience, as selecting a strain with the opposite desired effect can lead to little to no benefit. At Campfire Cannabis, we have cannabis products in various strains that will help you achieve the feeling you’re chasing. Our budtenders are ready to help you find the best strain and dosage for you so that you can be on your way to feeling balanced and at peace. Visit one of our two locations or browse our online selection to find the perfect match for your next yoga flow.

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