Choosing A Good Weed Strain: 8 Tips

If you’re new to cannabis, finding the right weed strain can feel like a daunting task. With several hundreds of strains and a growing number of product options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Fortunately, we’ve got a guide to help you find the best fit for your needs.

1. Brush Up On the Different Types of Weed Strains

All cannabis strains fall into one of three categories — Indica, Sativa, or hybrid. Knowing which one a particular weed strain belongs to can give you a general idea of what experiences you might expect. Generally, Indicas have relaxing, sedative effects, while Sativas are more uplifting and energizing. Hybrids offer a mix of the two.  

2. Know Your Goals

What, exactly, are you looking for from your cannabis experiences? Are you looking for relief from a specific ailment, such as chronic pain or an anxiety disorder? Do you want something to help you relax and unwind at the end of the day? Maybe you spark your creativity. Or perhaps you want to feel the effects of an intense high. Knowing your goals can help guide you toward the right weed strain. 

3. Research Strains and Read Reviews 

When it comes to how to choose weed strains, the internet can be an excellent resource. Take some time to research the options that fit your goals and preferences. User reviews can also provide valuable insights, such as flavor profiles and effects. 

4. Consider Your Preferences

Like your goals, your preferences can help you narrow down your weed strain options. Differing terpene profiles give the various strains their unique aromas and flavors. Some strains are fruity, while others are more citrusy. Others are earthy or spicy. What do you prefer?

Does how a grower grows their plants matter? If you prefer plants grown outdoors over those grown in a greenhouse — or vice versa — this can play into the weed strain you choose. 

5. Read the Label 

Eye-catching fonts, bold artwork, and other product packaging design choices help cannabis brands stand out. They can also sway your purchasing decisions. Never buy a product based on its packaging appearance alone. Always read labels first to ensure you’re getting a weed strain that fits your needs. 

6. Keep Your Budget In Mind

If you have a particular budget in mind, that can guide your decisions. However, don’t base your choices on cost alone. The most expensive weed isn’t always the best—or the best for you. Likewise, a lower price tag doesn’t necessarily indicate a low-quality product. Sometimes, dispensaries run specials that can allow you to get good deals on great strains.

7. Experiment

Everyone is unique. A good weed strain for one person may not be ideal for you. Trying different weed strains can help you find your perfect options. You may even find that a combination of different strains provides the best results.

8. Speak With a Pro

If you still aren’t sure what weed strain is right for you, ask a budtender for help. At Campfire Cannabis, our expertly trained Camp Rangers are ready and willing to answer all of your questions, offer personalized advice, and guide you toward the best types of weed strains for your specific needs.    

Find the Right Weed Strain for You at Campfire Cannabis

Whether you want to relax at the end of a long day, chill with some friends, or inspire your creativity, Campfire Cannabis has the strains and products to meet your needs. Ready to get started? Check out our menu online or visit our dispensary in person today!

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