Mixing Weed Strains 101: How + Why People Do It

Have you ever found yourself without enough of a particular strain of weed to roll a proper joint, so you added a little of another one you had on hand? Whether you knew it at the time or not, you made a “weed salad.” 

According to the Urban Dictionary, “weed salad” involves combining two or more different weed strains in a single bowl or joint. Despite the name “salad,” this slang term doesn’t refer to anything edible. Weed salads are only smokable, and they don’t contain any ingredients other than cannabis flowers. 

Why Are People Mixing Weed Strains?

Traditionally, many weed salads have been the result of desperation—two or more cannabis users combining what weed shake they had to make a full bowl or joint. Today, however, people are mixing weed strains for numerous reasons:

More Control Over the Experience

Mixing weed strains enables you to customize your experiences more closely to your unique needs. Whether you want a stronger high or seek specific effects, you gain more control over the outcomes of your smoking sessions. 

Intensify Flavor

Some weed users combine different weed strains to highlight particular flavors for more enjoyable smoking. 

Tame the High

Combining a high-CBD strain with a high-THC cultivar can help you achieve the desired benefits while minimizing the risk of getting too high

Repurposing Strains

Do you have some of a strain remaining that you didn’t like as much as you’d hoped? Mixing it with another one can help you use it up. Who knows. You may even create something you enjoy very much. 

Tips for Making Your Own Weed Salad

Want to try your hand at making a weed salad at home? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Know Your Body

If you’re new to cannabis, take some time to get to know how different strains affect you. For instance, you might discover that you’re sensitive to THC. If so, you may not want to make blends that dampen the plant’s psychoactive effects to minimize the risk of experiencing anxiety or paranoia. 

Consider Your Goals

What do you want to achieve when you use cannabis? Knowing your goals can help you determine which strains might be best for mixing. 

Pay Attention to Terpenes

If flavor is important, consider the terpene profiles of the strains you want to combine. For the best results, you have a couple of options here. One is to mix similar flavors. For example, you could combine various fruity strains for an extra tasty “fruit salad.” Alternatively, you could mix contrasting flavors, such as fruit and fuel.  

Have Fun

Don’t be afraid to experiment! The possibilities are endless. And while you may not enjoy every combination you create, you may also discover some incredible blends that hit just right. 

The Best Weed Salads Start With High-Quality Cannabis                                                                 

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