What Is Cannabis Shake? All You Need to Know

The world of cannabis is vast. It can also be a bit confusing at times. Along with an ever-growing variety of strains and product options, the weed scene also has its own unique lingo, which features weed slang terms that can confuse even the most seasoned users.

Some cannabis slang words and phrases are more popular than others. One such term is “cannabis shake.” If you’ve ever spent any time in a dispensary, you might have heard it before. Chances are that you’ve seen it, too. Here, we’ll break down what cannabis shake is, what dispensaries do with it, and how you can use it, too.  

What Is Shake Weed?

Have you ever looked into a glass jar of fresh buds and noticed some debris at the bottom of the container? That’s cannabis shake. Also known as shake weed or marijuana shake, it includes the small bits of a cannabis flower that break off during packaging and handling. In other words, it’s leftover scraps of fresh buds. 

As scraps, cannabis shake often gets a bad rap in the cannabis community. It can be inconsistent and unpredictable when it comes to potency and effects. Some shake comes with stems and leaves. As it consists of smaller pieces of the flower, it also tends to dry out faster. 

It’s not all bad, though. Shake is versatile. It also typically costs less than the flowers it came from, and its lower THC levels mean there will be milder psychoactive effects. 

What Dispensaries Do With It

Shake might be less than perfect, but it’s still perfectly usable. As such, many dispensaries find ways to keep it from going to waste. One solution is to package it and sell it at a discount. Another is to roll it into pre-rolls.

Keep in mind that some dispensaries mix shake from different strains together. Others try to keep their shake single-strain. If you’re a purist—or you just like knowing what you’re buying—you’ll definitely want to ask your budtender before purchasing. A good dispensary will be transparent with you. 

Uses for Cannabis Shake at Home

Loose shake has many uses. If you’re looking to test out this budget-friendly option, here are a few things you can do with it:

  • Practice your skills. If you’re new to using cannabis, shake weed is perfect for honing your joint rolling or pipe packing skills.
  • Add it to your tea. Add cannabis shake to hot water when preparing your favorite tea. Let it steep, then strain the plant material. Mix in lemon, sweetener, or other additives and enjoy.
  • Make edibles. Don’t want to use your premium flower for edibles? Decarb cannabis shake (you probably won’t need to break it up first) and make cannabutter or oil. Use your infusion in place of regular butter or oil in your favorite homemade recipes.  
  • Create topicals. Another option to consider is making infused body care products. As you would when making edibles, you would first need to decarboxylate your cannabis shake and infuse it into an oil (cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil are great options). You can further customize your homemade topical with ingredients such as beeswax, vitamin E oil, and essential oils.

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