The Spliff vs. the Joint: All You Need to Know

Cannabis can be quite versatile, with several options to choose from among the types of cannabis products, strains, and ways to partake. The weed community is wide and creative, conjuring up ways to smoke out of just about anything. Of these clever smoking devices, however, joints and spliffs remain some of the most popular and preferred methods. 

What Is a Spliff?

A spliff is a mix of tobacco and cannabis in a rolling paper — not to be confused with blunts which are typically rolled in brown cigar paper — and often with a crutch, also known as a filter. Spliffs tend to have a higher concentration of tobacco than blunts, fueling an energetic buzz that can draw you in.

How To Roll a Spliff

Rolling a spliff isn’t difficult, but it can require some patience and steady hands. After breaking down your bud, you’ll want to create a filter. Most rolling paper packages come with filters, but you can make one by folding the first few millimeters of a thick piece of paper like an accordion two to three times, and then rolling it in the same direction that you last folded it. 

Once you have your filter, hold it on one end of the rolling paper while you pack the weed and tobacco onto the rest of it, making sure to pack more towards the opposite end of the filter. You can then begin rolling your paper and tucking the weed and tobacco mixture as you roll. 

Once you’ve completed rolling it, lick the sticky side of the paper and roll it until it’s sealed. Stick an object in the open end of the spliff while tapping the filter on a hard surface so that the weed and tobacco mixture gets pushed down. Doing so leaves you room to wrap the end of the spliff, which you light when you’re ready to enjoy.

What Is a Joint?

A joint is similar to a spliff in that it consists of weed inside of a rolling paper, but the key difference is that a joint doesn’t contain tobacco. This can be more appealing if you want to avoid tobacco products and their effects.

How To Roll a Joint

Rolling a joint follows the same process as rolling a spliff. However, instead of packing both cannabis and tobacco, you pack only the cannabis. A key difference to note is that cannabis tends to be sticky, while tobacco is dry. This makes the feeling of rolling and how the paper is packed slightly different.

Find What’s Right for You

There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis, and it’s up to you to find what works best. Spliffs are a great way to experience the psychoactive effects of marijuana and the energetic buzz tobacco brings. On the other hand, joints are a classic way to enjoy your bud, and the strain you choose will provide the high you’re searching for. Skip the rolling and browse the Campfire Cannabis pre-rolls and blunts so that you can be on your way to reaping the benefits of quality cannabis.

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