How to Use a Grinder

So you found some dank bud and want to get the most out of it. Investing in a cannabis grinder will help you preserve and use all of that beautiful, sticky goodness. A cannabis grinder is a device used to break up your cannabis bud. There are lots of different grinders to choose from — but how do you know which is the right one? 

What is a grinder?

Grinders need at least three parts to do the job, but there may be more.

The three parts include: 

  • The grinding chamber
  • The “teeth” that do the work
  • A lid to keep your bud contained

Some of the best grinders offer some bonuses such as a kief catcher. Kief is a powdery substance filled with delicious terpenes and trichomes. Those trichomes are important because they contain the chemicals that get you high. 

The Four-Piece Grinder

If you’re going to invest in a grinder, you might as well grab a four-chambered grinder so you can collect the kief. After all, you don’t want to waste all those valuable trichomes.

Four-piece grinders contain the following parts:

  • Lid
  • Grinding bowl
  • Collection chamber/screen
  • Kief chamber

How to Use a Grinder

There are just a few simple steps to follow when using your grinder — and your bud is ready to smoke in no time.

  1. Assume the position: First, you need to remove the lid.
  2. Load it up: Using your fingers, break off a small amount of your bud. If the nug is too big, the lid won’t fit back on. Place the bud around the edge of the grinder. Bud placed in the middle of the grinder won’t get ground up. 
  3. Get your grind on: Put the lid back on. There should be a little resistance, but if it won’t close, remove some of the bud. Rotate the grinder until there’s no more resistance.
  4. Tappity tap: Before you open the grinder, give it a few “tap-taps” on the table. This will help the kief fall through the screen and dislodge any packed cannabis.
  5. Grab your ganja: Carefully remove the lid. Then, separate the two chambers, making sure not to spill the kief. 
  6. Light it up: Now it’s ready to be used however you want. You can roll it, pack it, mix it, or sprinkle it. Enjoy!

Bonus step: Once you’ve collected enough kief, add a little on top of your bud for an extra kick. 

How to Clean Your Grinder

Really good bud can be sticky. After a while, all that stickiness can build up, making the grinder less effective. To clean your grinder:

  1. Use a small paintbrush to brush off any loose kief material.
  2. Stick your grinder in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Freezing the sticky kief will make it easier to get off. 
  3. Rub the grinder parts in isopropyl alcohol and salt. 

If the grinder is too clogged up to save, toss it and buy another one. Make sure to keep the next one clean.

Ready to get your grind on?

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