Is Weed Stronger Now? Let’s Unpack Things

Although the exact number is unknown, experts suggest there are somewhere between 700 and 800 different strains of cannabis in existence. That’s a lot. On top of this, the number of product options available has increased significantly, too. Dispensary shelves feature a diverse assortment of products in many different strain options. 

All of the changes to cannabis over the years have led to a common question — is weed stronger now than it used to be? 

Is Weed Stronger?

Have you ever heard the expression, “This isn’t your parents’ weed?” That’s because today’s cannabis isn’t the same as the buds enthusiasts used to enjoy back in the 60s and 70s. Research has shown that modern strains have more THC than their predecessors.

So, how strong is weed today? According to data from NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse), cannabis products have an average THC strength of around 15%. While that might not seem like a lot at first, consider this. Less than 20 years ago, cannabis averaged just under 5% THC. Back in the 60s and 70s, THC strength was only around 2%.

Something else to note is that 15% is only the average. THC strength can vary greatly from one strain to the next. It’s not uncommon to see buds as strong as 25%. Some of the most potent flowers have more than 30% THC. Then there are cannabis concentrates, which can feature THC concentrations as high as 90%. 

The How and Why Behind Today’s Stronger Weed

There are a few reasons why cannabis is stronger today than in the past. First, way back when, people smoked weed that came (illegally) from other countries in kilo bricks. The process of pressing flowers into bricks made for easier transport. However, it stripped buds of valuable trichomes. Exposure to the elements also likely had an impact on potency. 

Today, the buds and other weed products that cannabis users enjoy come from domestically grown plants. Reputable cannabis brands prioritize quality and handle their flowers with the utmost care. 

Another reason why today’s strains are more potent is because of cross-breeding. Growers are intentionally mixing strains to produce brand-new hybrids with unique cannabinoid profiles. The goal is often to develop products that target specific ailments or concerns. In some cases, this also means creating new strains with higher concentrations of THC. 

Tips for Choosing the Best THC Strength for You

Cannabis and THC affect everyone differently. Here are a few quick tips for finding the right potency for you:

  • Start small. Gradually increase your dose of THC until you notice the desired effects.
  • Read the label. Other plant compounds, such as CBD and terpenes, can impact how you perceive the strength of a particular strain.
  • Experiment. Try different strains to see which ones you like best.
  • Pay attention to your body. If a dose or strain causes uncomfortable side effects, you may want to scale back the amount you take or try a different strain.

Campfire Cannabis Is Here to Help

Cannabis may be more potent today, but it’s also safer than ever before. The best brands follow strict regulations to ensure every strain they grow and every product they produce is of exceptional quality. 

No matter what your THC strength needs or preferences, you’ll find the best products for you at Campfire Cannabis. Check out our menu online, or stop by our dispensary to visit us in person today. 

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