Can You Have A Productive High? Medical Marijuana Dispensary Tips

People have a lot of assumptions about weed and weed users. You’ve probably heard a few of them yourself. Some people say that users are lazy. Others say that weed itself is a gateway drug, leading users to try and become addicted to other drugs. 

While many people try weed before they try other drugs, weed isn’t to blame. Using weed also doesn’t make you lazy. And many strains have super relaxing properties — some of which can melt you to your seat — but using weed doesn’t mean you’re unmotivated. In fact, it may be possible for weed to provide you with greater focus, concentration, and motivation. 

Why Might Weed Negatively Influence Your Productivity?

Using weed might not mean that you’re lazy or unmotivated, but studies do show that it may impair your productivity. More specifically, it can affect your abilities to think and pay attention. Unfortunately, those effects don’t do much to help your motivation or productivity. THC also has sedative effects, so you may feel less inclined to do what you want or need under its influence.

The Supporting Evidence for a Productive High

So, if weed affects your executive function and ability to think, how is it that some people say it boosts your productivity? While there isn’t a lot of research available right now, we do know that the cannabinoids and terpenes in a given strain can impact how you feel. Similar to alcohol, how much you consume can also play a role. However, unlike alcohol, some research suggests there are few to no residual side effects the following day. 

The productivity boost may come from the fact that weed can boost dopamine levels in your brain, stimulating clarity and focus. It won’t instantly provide you with the willpower to tackle your entire to-do list, but it can help make those tasks more enjoyable. 

It may also be that some of the more energized and productive feelings you experience after using a certain strain are literally in your head. If you believe you’re going to feel more motivated and find productive things to do after smoking weed, there’s a good chance you will. 

Tips for a Successful Productive High

If you want to try using weed to boost your productivity, here are a few tips from your medical marijuana dispensary:

Look at the Terpene Profile

Cannabinoids aren’t the only compounds of a cannabis plant that affect your high. Understanding what terpenes are in your particular strain can give you a better understanding of the effects. 

Use a “Head High” Strain

Typically speaking, Sativa or “head high” strains are the ones best known for being energetic, uplifting, and creative. These effects lcan lead to increased motivation and productivity.

Try Micro-Dosing

Consuming too much of any strain, even the ones known for boosting energy and increasing focus, can have a negative impact on your productivity. You may also find yourself with an uncomfortable high. With micro-dosing, you take small but still effective doses of your preferred strain. 

Pay Attention to the Product 

If you’re taking a hit from a joint, bong, or vape pen, you’re likely to going to quickly feel the effects. Edibles, on the other hand, don’t kick in for at least an hour. Keeping that in mind can help you avoid taking too much of a particular product. 

Can You Focus When You’re High? Wrapping Up

There’s still a lot we don’t know about weed and productivity. We know that some people successfully use it to increase their focus and finish what they need to do. For other people, weed provides a relaxing, anti-motivational high. While research may be limited, it may be that the right strain in the right dose with the right mindset can help you get the energizing effects you seek.

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