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The Cannabis sativa plant didn’t always have a bad rap. People used it hundreds of years ago to treat various ailments. The earliest recorded evidence of its use goes back to a Chinese medical manual from around 2700 BC

Over the years, it spread across the world. Eventually, cannabis made its way to the New World. While it became an ingredient in some medications, the government eventually made it illegal. It gained a reputation as a powerful, addictive drug that would ruin peoples’ lives.

Today, those views are changing. Anecdotal evidence and scientific research are showing that it may provide significant benefits. Even as more states across the country begin to legalize its use, many misconceptions about weed persist. As your go-to online dispensary, we’re going to break down these myths and provide you with some weed facts. 

1. Weed Is a Gateway Drug

Many people who use other drugs do start with alcohol and weed. However, that doesn’t mean cannabis was the cause. A stout 96-page inquiry found no causal link between cannabis use and the use of other drugs. The logic of the “gateway theory” could just as easily be applied to juice. Since most people who use drugs drank juice as children, juice must have been the “gateway drug” that set off their drug use. It’s just not possible to establish that kind of causal relationship.

2. Cannabis Use Will Turn You Into a Criminal

The only thing that’s true about this myth is that people who possess weed in states where it’s illegal are technically criminals. You can also technically be a criminal if you’re underage and have it on you in a legal state. Other than that, using weed won’t automatically turn you into a violent criminal bent on robbing banks and harming those around you.

3. Cannabis Causes Cancer

When you smoke a joint, you do inhale carcinogens and other toxins (not unlike cigarettes). Generally speaking, cannabis smokers, even heavy ones, consume less than cigarettes smokers do. What’s more, science shows no association between smoking weed and developing cancer. In fact, some research shows that the cannabinoids in cannabis may actually slow or stop the growth of cancerous tumors. The risks involved with smoking have to do with the act of smoking itself. You can use other methods, such as edibles, tinctures, and topicals to imbibe safely.

4. Smoking Weed Is Harmless

Weed might not cause cancer, but that doesn’t mean it’s harmless. If you smoke it, you do run the risk of other issues that cigarette smokers face, such as bronchitis and other respiratory problems. Additionally, driving while high significantly increases your risk of an accident. In other words, consume cannabis safely. 

5. You Can’t Overdose on Weed

It is absolutely possible to overdose on weed. While ingesting too much THC at one time won’t kill you, the experience can be very uncomfortable. You may find that you feel extremely paranoid or anxious. Some people say they feel like they’re dying. 

While it might not feel like it in the moment, those feelings are short-lived. You can also take a few steps to come down from your high faster, such as taking CBD, drinking water, and eating a snack. Dimming the lights, getting cozy under a blanket, and taking a nap may help, too. 

Understand the Truth About Cannabis Myths

So many myths about cannabis persist to this day. Fortunately, Campfire Cannabis is here to help debunk them. We can help you understand the truth behind these misconceptions, giving you a better understanding of the many enjoyable and potentially beneficial weed products.

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