Microdosing Cannabis – Is It Right for You?

You might have heard from a friend that they’ve started taking tiny doses of cannabis and they’re loving life. But what does microdosing cannabis involve? What are some of the potential benefits, and could cannabis microdosing be right for you? 

What is Microdosing? 

When someone microdoses a substance, they take a very small quantity of it — so little that they don’t really feel high. 

In the case of cannabis, users still consume psychoactive THC (rather than its non-psychoactive cousin CBD), but usually in a dose lower than 5mg, and even as low as 0.5mg for some people. 

What Are Some of the Benefits of Microdosing? 

You can still function as usual.

Using a microdose of cannabis allows users to receive the benefits of cannabis while hardly changing a thing about how they otherwise feel. They’ll be comfortable and generally content throughout the day, but by avoiding the sensation of getting high, they can also function normally and get on with the demands of their daily life. 

A lower dose can have different medical benefits.

You may think that a higher dose of a substance produces a greater amount of the same effects, no? In the case of cannabis, raising the dose you take can actually change the benefits you receive from it entirely and diminish some of the mood enhancement present at lower doses. Keeping the amount of cannabis you take down to a microdose may give you exactly what you’re looking for; more isn’t always better.

Microdosing cannabis may help improve mental health.

Many people turn to microdosing cannabis to treat the symptoms of their depression, anxiety, stress, or PTSD. Others are looking for more mental energy, greater clarity of thought, or improved sleep.  Anyone who feels they can’t use cannabis because it only increases their anxiety or paranoia may benefit from trying a microdose.

Microdosing cannabis may help better manage physical conditions.

As cannabis is a natural treatment for nausea and inflammation, medical marijuana patients use it to relieve the physical symptoms of their medical conditions. A study in 2020 found that 0.5mg and 1mg cannabis microdoses significantly reduced pain when compared with a placebo. The concept of microdosing helps encourage users to change dosage if they’re able to, for example when a pain flare-up has ended and a lower dose will suffice. 

Is Microdosing Cannabis Right for You? 

The only way to truly know if microdosing cannabis is right for you is to take a tolerance break (if needed), start out with a very low dose and try it for yourself. 

Make sure you’re able to figure out the exact dose you’re consuming each time, and be aware that a microdose of cannabis may still show up on a drug test

Microdosing with Campfire Cannabis

Finding low-dose cannabis products under 5mg can be difficult, as the market hasn’t caught up with the rising popularity of microdosing. 

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