6 Weed Wedding Ideas (from classy to unique)

Your wedding day is like the opening scene of your favorite romantic movie—butterflies in your stomach, that sparkle in your eye, and an unbeatable rush of excitement. It’s the day when all your dreams and meticulous planning come together to celebrate love, laughter, and the promise of forever. 

Now, imagine adding a unique twist to this magical day that makes it even more unforgettable—a weed-themed celebration. Incorporating a weed theme into your wedding adds a modern, laid-back vibe that reflects your personal style and interests. 

From tasteful cannabis-infused edibles gracing your reception tables to elegant leaf motifs adorning your invitations and decor, this theme can be woven into your day with sophistication and fun.

Let’s dive into how you can blend the timeless beauty of wedding festivities with the laid-back, inclusive spirit of a weed-themed event.

6 Weed Wedding Ideas

Plan your beautiful day with the following weed wedding ideas.

1. Weed wedding invitation cards

In the spirit of uniqueness, choose an eco-friendly hemp paper for your invitations to tie in with the cannabis theme, and use a cannabis leaf motif to design your cards. Hemp paper has a unique texture and appearance— most guests will want to keep it. This will also be a perfect way to communicate to your guests about the theme of your wedding. 

2.Cannabis Bouquets and Boutonnieres

Flowers come second after the bride. In that case, organize with your florist to incorporate cannabis leaves into your floral arrangements. Also, use hemp twine to tie bouquets and boutonnieres for a subtle nod to the theme.

3. Cannabis-Inspired Decor

A cannabis wedding means it’s a greener wedding. Consider adding cannabis leaves to your decor. This could be at the entrance, table centerpieces, signage pieces, and not to forget the wedding cake. You can also use hemp fabrics or ropes for table runners or chair decorations.

4. Cannabis Education Station

Most guests will not pass an opportunity to learn more about cannabis. Set up a station where they can learn about the different strains, consumption methods, and most importantly, the history of cannabis. This can be both fun and informative for guests who may be new to cannabis culture.

5. Cannabis-Inspired Wedding Attire

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen can’t be left out. Incorporate cannabis-themed elements into their attire. These could be accessories made from hemp, cannabis leaf patterns on ties, socks, or even wedding dresses.

6. Midnight Munchies Station

For the after-party guests, proceed to set up a snack station with various edibles and comfort foods to satisfy guests’ cravings. Include both sweet and savory options, as well as vegan and gluten-free choices to accommodate everyone’s dietary preferences.

Weed Wedding Tips

During the planning process, take into consideration the following tips to ensure your day is a success.

  • Check Venue Policies- Before planning any cannabis-related activities, check with your wedding venue provider about their policies regarding cannabis consumption—You don’t want the law to catch up with you on your beautiful day.
  • Inform Your Guests- Communicate with your guests in advance about the cannabis-friendly nature of your wedding. Make it clear that participation in cannabis-related activities is optional and there will be accommodations for those who choose not to partake.
  • Designate Smoking Areas- If your venue allows cannabis consumption, designate specific smoking areas away from non-smoking guests—A chance for them to meet new stoner friends. Consider outdoor spaces to minimize any potential discomfort for guests who do not enjoy cannabis.

Best Wishes From Campfire Cannabis

The Campfire Cannabis family Congratulates you for tying the knot with a touch of green. As you plan to embark on a lifetime filled with love, laughter, and blissful highs together, visit our dispensary and we’ll provide you with the finest selection of strains for you and your guests for your beautiful day.

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