How To Find Stoner Friends: 5 Foolproof Tips

Do you ever wish you had more friends who share your passion for cannabis? Maybe you’ve just moved to a new city and feel disconnected from the local social scene. Or perhaps you’re simply tired of feeling judged for lighting up.

Having stoner friends who “get it” provides community, happiness, and a judgment-free zone where you can chill and be yourself. Luckily, connecting with like-minded buddies in the cannabis culture is easier today than ever, thanks to social media and legalization.

Finding Stoner Friends

Here are five foolproof tips for finding stoner friends.

How To Find Stoner Friends: 5 Foolproof Tips

1. Try Social Apps Made for Stoners

Weed brings people together. So it’s no surprise inventive entrepreneurs have created entire social networks centered specifically around cannabis enthusiasts.

One excellent option for finding stoner friends is the dating and social app High There. Often described as the “Tinder for stoners,” High There connects you with other singles or friends in your area who share a passion for weed. Swipe, match, and chat with potential new smoke buddies nearby.  

Other niche stoner apps to check out include Duby and My420Mate. Finding friends these days often starts digitally, so download a cannabis social network and see who’s in your community.

2. Become a Regular at Your Local Dispensary

Your neighborhood cannabis dispensary likely sees a steady stream of regulars. Strike up conversations while waiting in line or browsing products. Chances are you’ll discover shared interests with the same stoners who frequently visit the shop.  

Ask dispensary staff if they host any cannabis-centric events like concentrates classes or joint rolling competitions. Local weed stores aim to educate and engage their community. So, attending these gatherings provides chill opportunities to be social while leveling up your cannabis game.

3. Go to Cannabis Concerts or Festivals

Concerts are another great way to find stoner friends. Music, culture, and weed collide at an increasing number of cannabis events. From Reggae festivals to High Times magazine expos to NORML rallies — wherever cannabis fans unite offers prime territory for finding fellow stoners.

Strike up conversations with your seatmates at the next show featuring artists who celebrate the herb, like Cypress Hill or Rebelution. Ask who they’re excited to see or where they like hanging out before the concert. Exchanging social media info or phone numbers means you’ll have concert buddies for next time.

4. Join Online Cannabis Groups

Thanks to private groups, messaging boards, and targeted ads, social media is home to digital toking communities. And Reddit has popular cannabis subreddits covering everything from news to humor to cannabis moms.

Facebook boasts regional weed discussion groups for major cities worldwide, such as Campfirecannabis. And niche networks like Duby solely focus on connecting marijuana mavens. Turn online connections into real friendships by suggesting meetups at a show, dispensary event, or just grabbing tacos.

5. Just Ask — You Never Know!

Don’t underestimate simple encounters where cannabis emerges as a mutual interest. When chatting with co-workers, classmates, or fellow concertgoers, casually mentioning you just picked up from the dispensary or noting that someone’s pen smells tasty can reveal shared stoner status.

You never know who quietly nurtures an appreciation for weed until you inquire. Breaking the ice leads to swapping strain recommendations, favorite smoke spots, or stories through puffs, laughs, and good company.

Light Up With Like-Minded Friends

Surrounding yourself with stoner friends leads to plentiful humor, weed wisdom, and positive vibes, enhancing your enjoyment of the herb. Luckily, social media and legalization mean finding your tribe is easier today than ever.

May these five foolproof tips on how to find stoner friends help fill your life with new smoke sessions, futureroad trip buddies, and plenty of buds. Just remember, friendships rooted in cannabis often blossom into the most epic adventures.

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