The Cannabis Picnic Starter Kit: What to Pack

With winter behind us, the warmer spring days give us a glimpse into the heat of the upcoming summer. This is typically when we trade our indoor cuddle-ups for outdoor recreation, especially favorite and classic activities like picnics. What better way to enjoy the fresh air, tasty treats, and good company than with some weed products? Keep reading to learn more about what you need for your next picnic and how incorporating different weed products can add to the fun and overall ambiance.

The Benefits of Picnicking with Weed

Picnicking in itself comes with a long list of benefits beyond enjoying the fresh air in nature and having a delicious meal. Picnics can be done alone, allowing for self-reflection, or done with old friends, new pals, and family members as a way to bond and create memories. Additionally, picnics give you a chance to soak up some natural vitamin D, which is important for your bones, blood cells, and immune system.

If that wasn’t enough to sell you on picnicking, adding weed to the mix just might do the trick. First and foremost, weed is a great way to enhance any social function, as it has been shown to help relax users and encourage their more social side. Since different strains of weed provide different highs, you and your picnic guests can choose a strain that matches the mood you’re trying to set. Lastly, the wide selection of cannabis-infused products allows you to incorporate weed into your picnic in unique and fun ways.

The Perfect Cannabis Picnic Starter Kit

The most important part of any picnic is deciding what you’ll be packing. Lucky for you, we’ve curated the perfect cannabis-friendly picnic starter kit so you can create a memorable picnic experience. The essentials include:

  • Food and drinks. This is a great opportunity to shop for some tasty edibles and cannabis-infused drinks to add to the classic picnic food lineup. 
  • A discrete cannabis product. Although cannabis has been widely legalized, it’s still a good idea to be discreet in public areas.
  • A basket to carry your items. 
  • A blanket. If it’s wet where you’re setting up, you may want to consider bringing a tarp to lay underneath your blanket. 
  • Plates, cups, and utensils. These are commonly forgotten and hugely important to comfortably enjoy your picnic.
  • Napkins and moist towelettes. Since you’ll be outside, you’ll want to bring simple items to keep your hands and area clean.
  • Sun protection. Although soaking up the sun can be beneficial to you, it’s important to have adequate protection.
  • A speaker. Adding music to your picnic can help set the mood and enhance your high, so bringing a speaker can help elevate the mood.
  • A camera. You’ll want to document this experience and all of the memories you make. Whether it’s a phone or an actual camera, be sure to pack it so you can have something to look back on.

Plan Your Next Picnic

As the seasons change, so do the opportunities to add cannabis into your activities in new, innovative ways. At Campfire Cannabis, we have a wide selection of cannabis-infused products and weed strains that are sure to take your picnics to the next level. Browse our online selection today to start planning your next cannabis picnic.

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