Four Different Types of Highs to Know

While marijuana usage has many benefits, its core draw remains the most basic: it gets you high! Still, even if you’ve been around the block a few times marijuana-wise and have had your share of highs, you still may have new weed experiences left to discover. After all, weed aficionados and expert dispensaries recognize that there are different kinds of “highs” out there waiting for you. Since different types of highs are more commonly associated with different strands of marijuana, different methods of usage, or different products, it’s a good idea to get a more thorough understanding of some of the different types of highs you may experience when using weed in its various forms. 

Head Highs

Head highs are the type of high that most people get when they smoke marijuana directly (and is often the type of high that they are looking for). Head highs involve an experience of emotional elevation, a surge in creative thinking, and a feeling of increased energy and motivation. Head highs are more common when smoking marijuana, since smoking allows THC to go directly into your lungs and into your bloodstream, where it then breaks the blood-brain barrier and enters the brain. Head highs tend to be more stimulating than other types of highs are. They’re associated with more prominent neural connections and motivation, and they place a greater emphasis on your altered state of consciousness. 

Body Highs

In contrast to head highs, you will feel body highs more strongly across your body than you will in your brain. Specifically, body highs create a feeling of relaxation and calm across your torso and limbs. In most cases of body high, you will feel less motivated to burst with creative energy and more motivated to relax on the couch or curl up in bed. Though body highs can arise from any form of marijuana usage, they tend to be more frequent through ingesting marijuana edibles. This is because, as opposed to smoking, edibles go into your stomach and get processed via your liver, which disperses the THC across your body instead of sending it to your brain. While head highs are good for motivation and creative exercises, body highs are best when you want something that will help you relax. 

Energized Highs

Energized highs are distinct from both body highs and head highs in that they tend to produce a surge in energy across both your body and your brain. With energized highs, you will feel an uptick in energy across your body, while at the same time feeling a surge of mental euphoria and focus. Energized highs tend to come from terpenes like myrcene, pyrene, and caryophyllene. 

Euphoric Highs

Finally, euphoric highs produce neither a feeling of energy nor one of relaxation. Instead, you’ll simply experience a euphoric alteration in mood and consciousness without significant changes to your overall energy levels. These kinds of highs are associated with high-potency strains of marijuana, such as OG Kush. 

Finding the Best High

Regardless of which type of high you’re looking for, Campfire Cannabis has you covered. Whether you’re interested in getting high in your head or your body, getting energized, relaxed, or euphoric, Campfire Cannabis has the best marijuana products to offer users of all experience levels. If you’re in Massachusetts and want to see what kind of highs marijuana has to offer you, visit Campfire Cannabis today!

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