The 10 Most Innovative Marijuana-Infused Products to Know

Gone are the days when you would only find weed in plant form and reap its benefits only after breaking it down and smoking it. Upon its legalization, the marijuana industry has begun to infuse the active cannabinoids found in marijuana into all kinds of products that we use on a daily basis. This has made cannabis use easier and more inconspicuous than ever. 

Keep reading to learn more about how the marijuana industry has expanded the use of cannabis by infusing it into several innovative products.

Marijuana-Infused Products You Should Know

1. Cannabis Drinks

In states where marijuana is legal, decriminalized cannabis drinks are making their debut as a means for testing the market on this cannabis-infused product. A popular option is a cannabis-infused coffee, which has become a favorite among those wanting to find a balance between the coffee jitters and a cannabis calm. In states that offer these drinks, you might also find dispensaries offering marijuana-infused colas and fruit punch

2. Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals include balms, creams, lotions, salves, oils, and sprays. Since its widespread legalization, cannabis has been studied and recognized for its therapeutic, anti-inflammatory properties. Research has shown that THC and CBD, also known as phytochemicals, work as anti-inflammatories when applied topically to the skin and do not provide the “high” effect. This is a great alternative to pain relief medication.

3. Cannabis-Infused Cooking Products

Cannabis-infused oils, butter, and ghee are staple pieces you can add to your kitchen to help take your meals to the next level. These cannabis-infused cooking products are effective alternatives for those who wish to experience cannabis in new ways but are nervous about overdoing it with more concentrated means, like edibles. 

4. Edibles

Edibles are no foreign concept these days, but they have expanded beyond the traditional pot brownie. Instead, there are now hard candies, chocolates, mints, gummies, and even savory foods that are infused with THC. This option is typically more concentrated, and you should be aware of dosing before trying.

5. Cannabis-Infused Beauty Products

CBD has been known to have therapeutic, anti-inflammatory effects on the body, making it a perfect additive to beauty and skin care products. Cannabis-infused soaps, masks, makeup, perfume, and hair serum are all ways you can begin incorporating cannabis into your beauty regimen and experience the positive effects of CBD on your body.

6. Cannabis-Infused Moisturizers

There’s no better way to reap the benefits of CBD than with some cannabis-infused daily moisturizer. This will not only deliver relaxing effects but can also help target inflammation and sites of pain.

7. Cannabis Pet Treats

Cannabis has similar effects on pets as it does on humans, allowing pet owners to treat cancer, epilepsy, osteoporosis, joint pain, and anxiety in their furry friends. If you do decide to implement this into your pet’s daily regimen, be sure to stick with pet-specific cannabis products, as the dosages vary between humans and animals.

8. Cannabis-Infused Intimates

There’s no better way to enhance all of the good feelings than with some cannabis-infused intimates. Cannabis-infused condoms and lube will help partners experience increased sensitivity, arousal, and overall sensation.

9. Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs

Cannabis-infused bath bombs are sure to help you reach peak relaxation. Whether you’re trying to relieve body aches or aiming to destress, the CBD or THC in the bath bombs will help your body gently get there.

10. Cannabis Candles

Although these candles will not get you high, they are an effective way to enhance your smoke sesh or create a relaxing ambiance for weed lovers. Made with cannabis essential oils, these candles give off the scent of some of your favorite strains.

Try Cannabis-Infused Products

Perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran who has fallen in love with the benefits of cannabis, or you’re a newbie wanting to explore the benefits of CBD and THC in less obvious ways. Either way, you have several options to choose from as new products continue to arise as the marijuana industry grows in popularity and research. At Campfire Cannabis, we have high-quality marijuana-infused products that are sure to help you reach your desired result. Shop our cannabis products today and start exploring the ways that you can incorporate them into your daily life.

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