The 3 Most Popular Recreational Cannabis Products Right Now

In the fast-changing recreational cannabis industry, there are new products to get your hands on every year. With so many ways to consume cannabis, whether you’re looking for therapeutic relief or simply to get high, there’s an option for almost everyone out there. 

Take a look at the most popular cannabis products on the market right now. 


Flower will probably always remain extremely popular. As the cannabis bud has just been trimmed, nothing more, this makes it incredibly versatile. You can roll it into a joint (or have it rolled for you), vaporize it, smoke it from a pipe, bake it into an edible, or light it up in a bong. 

New strains are normally released onto the market as flower before any other product type. With breeders developing strains higher in THC all time, this gives more choice to those with a high tolerance. At nearly 30% THC content, the highest THC strains we sell at Campfire Cannabis are Chocolate OG and Weed Nap

Dab Pens

Long gone are the days when you’d only enjoy concentrates by using a dab rig. Dab pens are rising in popularity as a simple way to vape cannabis. You heat coils by inhaling or pressing a button, then dab them into concentrate to melt them. 

Dab pens are also an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cartridges, as you’ll only need to replace the heating coils every few months. Nature’s Heritage concentrates are especially popular right now, as they offer virtually all of their renowned strains as wax, bubble hash, RSO, live rosin, or more. 


In pre-legalization days, you’d most likely come across edibles as weed brownies, cookies, or cakes. Sure, you can still get those, but thanks to science, you no longer need to heat cannabis into baked goods to activate its psychoactive compounds. 

Now the possibilities are almost endless as gummies, hard candy, lollipops, chocolate, and truffles have shown. If you’re not a fan of dank bud, don’t fret. Most candies don’t taste like the cannabis plant at all. It’s no wonder these treats are now such a popular way to consume cannabis. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Cannabis Product

Besides deciding what you’d like to get from a smoking session, here are some more pointers to think about when choosing a new product. 


Although CBD and THC are the most well-known cannabinoids, there are over 100 others and they’re receiving more attention lately. Learn about the main cannabinoids and decide which are most likely to produce your desired effects. 


Like other plants and essential oils, cannabis contains compounds called terpenes. These provide a strain’s taste and smell as well as many of the therapeutic effects it has on your mind and body. 


Cannabis tolerance shouldn’t be underestimated. While beginner tokers might be satisfied with 3mg of THC, regular consumers may only get the same effects from 100mg or more. Always err on the side of caution when purchasing – and remember, edibles take longer to have an effect! 

Discover New Recreational Cannabis Products

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