4 Ways You Can Consume Your Flower

When it comes to consuming cannabis flowers, you have a few factors to consider. One of your first choices is the strain you want to use. Your next critical choice is the delivery method.

You see, there’s more than one way to consume cannabis buds. What’s more, the delivery method you choose can have a significant impact on your overall experience. Some choices may work better for you than others, depending on your wants and needs. Here, we’ll go over some of the ways to use cannabis flower so that you can find an option (or options!) that works best for you.

1. Joint

Rolling and smoking a joint is the classic method of consuming cannabis flowers. It’s an affordable and straightforward method, requiring your favorite strain, a grinder, and rolling papers. While you can purchase pre-rolls, many seasoned joint smokers prefer doing the rolling themselves.

One of the main draws to smoking joints is the cost. A quality grinder and rolling paper aren’t that expensive. As with other methods of smoking, you feel the effects of a joint pretty quickly. The downside is that the art of rolling the perfect joint does take a bit of practice. 

2. Pipe

A cannabis pipe offers a different method of smoking cannabis flowers. Much like rolling a joint, you first need to grind your buds, which you can accomplish easily with a quality grinder. 

With a pipe, you don’t have to worry about replenishing papers, but the cost can get pretty expensive. Fortunately, there are some decent and cost-effective but still quality options on the market. Smoking with a pipe is simple, and it offers fast-acting effects. 

3. Bong

For those who like a flashier way to smoke cannabis, a bong may be the way to go. After packing and lighting the buds, you inhale through the mouthpiece. The smoke travels down into the base, where water filters out contaminants before it goes into your lungs. 

Again, bongs offer fast-acting effects. You can also take some rather impressive rips once you get the hang of your device. Bongs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, all at varying price points. They can get expensive, but there are also affordable options out there. There’s a bit more of a learning curve, but these water pipes can be a lot of fun. 

4. Edibles 

If you don’t want to smoke cannabis flowers but still want to use them, you have options. These options come in the form of edibles. Making these products involves decarboxylating the buds first and then creating infusions that edibles chefs can use to create all kinds of tasty and effective foods and drinks. 

Edibles have many benefits. First, there are countless options, from baked goods and chocolates to sparkling water and coffee. There’s something out there for everyone. They’re also incredibly discreet and easy to dose. Edibles do take up to two hours to kick in, but once they do, the effects last longer than those you get from smoking. 

Find a Method of Cannabis Consumption That Works for You

There’s more than one way to consume a cannabis flower, and every method is a little different. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, don’t be afraid to try a few. While you could end up preferring one way of consumption, you might find that you enjoy a few different methods in different situations. 

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