How to Roll a Flawless Joint, the First Time

Rolling a proper joint is an essential skill for anyone who’s falling in love with cannabis. However, new users can run into plenty of problems while they’re first learning the art of the joint. 

It’s easy to wind up with a loose roll or an uneven pack when you’re rolling your first couple of joints. These problems can lead to your joint falling apart. Luckily, with a little practice, it’s easy to get the results you want.

Here’s everything you need to know to learn how to roll a joint perfectly the first time. 

Gather Tools and Ingredients

Make sure you have the following:

  • Rolling papers
  • Crutch or filter made from stiff material—like an old business card
  • Cannabis grinder or sharp scissors
  • Long and narrow object—like a pen or knitting needle
  • Between a quarter and half a gram of your favorite strain of cannabis

Grind the Flower

To get an even burn, grind your cannabis to break it down into small pieces. Using a weed grinder is the easiest way to do this, but you can also use sharp scissors that you don’t mind getting sticky.

Cannabis that you’ve ground up is called “shake.”

Make the Crutch

Next, you should make your crutch—also called a filter. This is a small, accordion-folded piece of card stock that keeps the shake from falling out of your joint. Your rolling papers may have come with crutch material, or you can use a business card.

Take a half-inch wide strip of card stock and make a few back-and-forth folds at the end. Then around those folds, roll the rest of the material. Put this at the end of the rolling paper.

Fill the Paper

Sprinkle the shake into your rolling paper. Aim for about half a gram of shake in the joint, and try to fill it as evenly as possible. Leave some room at the side of the paper without the crutch, so you have room to seal it.

Pack the Joint

Packing the joint helps keep the shake from falling out as it burns. Gently fold the paper in half without creasing it, then roll it back and forth between your fingers. The heat of your hands will make the sticky shake clump together. Make sure you don’t miss the middle, so you keep your joint nice and even. 

Roll the Joint

Tuck the unglued side of the paper under the shake, then roll it up nice and tight. It can help to start the tuck under the crutch. Once you’ve gotten it nicely rolled, lick the glue side and make sure it sticks.

Seal the Joint

To seal the joint, you can do the poke and twist method: 

  • Using a long and narrow object, poke into the end of the joint to make sure it’s nice and firmly packed.
  • Give the loose paper at the end of the joint a twist, so you have something you can quickly light.

Enjoy Cannabis by Smoking a Joint

Rolling a joint doesn’t have to be hard. While you’re learning how to roll a joint, you can still enjoy perfectly-made prerolls from Campfire Cannabis.

Whether you choose to get your joints from marijuana shops or make your own, our Worcester dispensary has everything you need to enjoy weed your way. 

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