Pre-Roll Weed Benefits: 6 Reasons to Buy A Pre-Rolled Joint

Despite the many methods of enjoying cannabis today, joints remain one of the most popular. While you can choose to roll your own (and many cannabis enthusiasts do), you also have the option of purchasing pre-roll weed. 

As the name suggests, pre-rolls are pre-assembled joints, making them ready to use right out of the package. Unfortunately, they’ve gotten a bit of a bad rap over the years. However, quality pre-roll weed can offer a few significant benefits. 

Benefits of Pre-Roll Joints

For many cannabis users, the act of rolling joints is simply part of the process. There’s a satisfaction that comes with smoking perfectly rolled weed. So, why purchase pre-roll joints over rolling your own? Here are a few benefits to consider.

1. Convenience

While hand-rolling joints is fun, it does take time and requires a few additional steps (and tools). Even if you typically enjoy it, you may not always have time to roll your own. Pre-roll joints offer a convenient alternative. They’re ready to use right out of the package. All you need to do is light it up, and you’re ready to go.

2. Beginner-Friendly

Rolling joints takes time and practice to master. Some new users may also find the process a bit intimidating. Pre-rolls allow you to enjoy the benefits of well-rolled weed without the hassle of doing it yourself.

3. Better Dose Control

Dosing consistency can be a bit difficult to achieve when you’re rolling your own joints. The amount of ground flower you add can vary from one to the next, meaning you may not always be getting the same amount of THC and other beneficial cannabinoids. Machine-made pre-rolls, on the other hand, offer greater accuracy, making it easier to know how much THC you’re getting with each joint. 

4. Portability

Rolling joints yourself requires a few pieces of equipment. In addition to your flower and lighter, you’ll also need a grinder, rolling papers, and filters. Some enthusiasts may also use additional tools like a rolling tray or a poker. 

If you’re planning to travel, you may not be able (or want) to carry around everything you need to roll joints. Pre-rolls are much more portable, requiring only a joint and a lighter, both of which can easily fit in a small pocket.

5. Cost-Effective

Compared to other methods of cannabis consumption, joints are one of the most affordable options. Even so, if you’re rolling your own, you will need accessories such as a grinder and rolling papers. Pre-roll weed doesn’t require additional weed tools, making it even more cost-effective than hand-rolling. 

6. Variety

When it comes to pre-roll joints, you have options. Many cannabis brands offer pre-rolls in a variety of strains, allowing you to find a product that suits your needs and goals. You can also find pre-roll weed that contains added concentrates, which provide users with more potent experiences.  

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