How to Smoke Discreetly: A Discreet Weed Guide

One of the easiest ways to enjoy cannabis more discreetly is to choose a more discreet weed consumption method. You have many to choose from. For instance, if you prefer inhalation, you might opt for vaping over smoking. A vape vaporizes cannabis oil or flower rather than combusting it, resulting in a gentler, more muted aroma. 

Another option to consider is edibles over smoking. These cannabis-infused foods and drinks involve eating your dose rather than inhaling it. They produce no smoke, nor do they emit the telling scent. You can enjoy your dose without worrying about giving yourself away. 

Use Tools to Mitigate the Smell

Not everyone wants to use an alternative to smoking, and that’s perfectly okay! Stoners come in all shapes and sizes, and you have your pick of tools to help you minimize the telltale scent. One popular solution for how to hide the smell of weed is to use a Smoke Buddy, a small plastic tube containing a filter that captures smoke and odor particles.

Another option to consider is an air purifier. Quality purifiers use HEPA filters that can help clear hazy cannabis air. 

Mask the Scent

Conventional air fresheners don’t always do a great job of masking cannabis odors. They may even draw more attention to the smell. Instead, look for products designed specifically for masking or eliminating weed odors, such as Veil or Cannabolish. Or, you could try lighting a fragrant, scented candle.  

Store Your Stash Properly

Cannabis smoke isn’t the only odor you have to worry about when it comes to smoking weed. Have you ever smelled fresh flowers? While the aromas can be intoxicating, they can also clue others into your habits and ruin your discreet weed use efforts. Storing your stash in an airtight container, such as a glass mason jar, can help. These jars keep the smell in, and you won’t have to worry about the material retaining the scent. Additionally, along with other proper cannabis storage techniques, glass jars limit airflow, helping your buds stay fresh and tasty.  

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