Hotboxing 101: 7 Dos and Don’ts to Know for Recreational Users

The term “hotboxing” is a well-known one in the cannabis community. Many users consider it a rite of passage of sorts. It involves smoking weed in a small, enclosed space, filling it with heavy smoke. While there’s a lot of debate regarding whether this smoking method gets you higher, many cannabis enthusiasts agree that you can have a lot of fun when you do it right. 

8 Hotboxing Tips for Fat Clouds 

Are you ready to give hotboxing a shot? We asked around and compiled seven essential do’s and don’ts for success:

1. Do Choose Your Location Carefully

Be mindful of your location choice, whether you go the traditional route of hotboxing in a car or use a different enclosed space (such as a camping tent or a small room). Avoid public places or lighting up somewhere others might not appreciate the smoke and the smell. Make sure that you choose a safe and legal spot. You don’t want to ruin your good time by interfering with someone else’s in the vicinity. 

Pro tip: If you hotbox in a car, park it at home or a friend’s house and leave the keys behind. Use a camper trailer or old car that’s been in the driveway forever. Never drive while smoking or high.

2. Don’t Make Plans Right After

The goal of hotboxing is to get high. Make sure you don’t have any plans or responsibilities for at least a few hours after your session. You’ll enjoy your experience more when you can kick back, relax, and not worry about anything but blowing smoke. 

3. Do Prepare for Your Experience

A little prep work can go a long way. Grind your buds and roll your joints ahead of time. Have something to eat before you start, or make sure you have some ready-to-eat snacks. You can even set the mood with some great music to listen to while high.

4. Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Although it’s common, getting cottonmouth while smoking can make the experience awkward. Hydrate not only before but during your hotboxing session to minimize the effects. 

5. Do Bring Plenty of Your Favorite Strain

You’ll need to create enough smoke to fill the enclosed space. We recommend using a method that produces a lot of smoke, like a bong or multiple joints. A vape might not produce the lasting effect you want. So, make sure you pack enough weed! If you don’t like rolling joints, buy a few pre-rolls.

6. Don’t Stay Too Long

Lingering in a cannabis smoke-filled room too long could lead to getting too high, quickly turning your enjoyable experience into an unpleasant one. A poorly ventilated room also means oxygen eventually runs out, increasing your risk of hypercapnia, which can occur when you have too much carbon dioxide in your bloodstream. To keep your sessions positive, step out for fresh air when you need it and end when you feel high enough. 

7. Do Invite Your (420-Friendly) Friends

Many cannabis users find smoking weed more satisfying with like-minded friends. Having people to talk to and ponder deep thoughts with can take a good session and make it so much better. Regarding hotboxing, in particular, the additional participants also make filling your chosen space with smoke a lot easier.

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