4 Facts About Cannabis and Wellness: Marijuana Shop Education

Wellness isn’t new, but it has become wildly more popular as people begin their journey toward holistic (all-encompassing) health. In short, wellness involves the active pursuit of health or “conscious living” in one or more of the six dimensions, including social, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and environmental. Unlike general health, wellness can coexist with diseases because it enriches your overall well-being (all six dimensions) despite health conditions. For example, you might have a chronic health condition but overall good wellness practices. 

At the same time that wellness has seen a rise in popularity, marijuana has gone through significant rebranding. The majority of people no longer perceive marijuana as a dangerous drug. Instead, several studies and the recent legalization of cannabis have allowed people to view it as a potential tool for health and wellness, recognizing its versatility in achieving different desired results. Keep reading to learn more about the role of cannabis in the wellness arena and how you can add it to your wellness routine to achieve different goals. Below we’ve compiled some considerations for those interested in cannabis’ role in wellness.

1. Cannabis can reduce stress and anxiety

Cannabis has become widely used to counteract stress and anxiety, with anxiety being one of the top five reasons for people using medical marijuana. It has shown to be a great tool for wellness journeys, providing a natural alternative to improving and enhancing your mental health. Unfortunately, many people have the misconception that weed can cause anxiety, but the right strain can change that. Ask your local budtender for a strain that will reduce anxiety and help you relax.

2. Cannabis can help improve your focus

Studies on patients with ADHD have linked cannabis with improved focus. Improving your focus can be crucial in your wellness journey (impacting the mental and social dimensions), as it allows for greater productivity. It is important to utilize specific strains if improving your focus is your desired result. Your local dispensary can offer plenty of advice.

3. Cannabis encourages creativity

Creativity is an important part of wellness because it allows healthy expression, has therapeutic value, affects cognition and psychosocial health, and helps many people heal from trauma. Cannabis has been shown to stimulate the release of dopamine, which encourages the divergent thinking associated with artistic expression. A small head change can help remove writer’s block, shifting our focus away from the drudgery of daily life toward a more imaginative state.

4. Cannabis can be offered as an alternative solution

Many people seek wellness practices and holistic health to avoid invasive medical procedures or the use of pharmaceuticals, opting for more natural pathways. Cannabis has been used in many cases as an alternative to opiates, allowing patients to heal while avoiding adverse side effects and potential addiction. It also provides patients with long-term management for pain relief. Cannabis now comes in many forms, including topicals for pain relief.

Tips for Using Cannabis for Wellness

If you opt for using cannabis in your wellness journey, consider some of the following caveats: 

  • First and foremost, identify your personal goals and find strains that complement those goals. Since different strains provide different results, ensure your chosen strain will complement your wellness practice.
  • Use cannabis as an additive to your life instead of relying exclusively on cannabis for your wellness journey. A significant aspect of wellness involves a well-rounded approach in which each of the six dimensions harmonizes. Therefore, use cannabis as an addition to your other tools and practices.

Enhance Your Wellness Journey

Perhaps you’re on your wellness journey or eagerly preparing to get started. If you’ve considered adding cannabis to your wellness toolbelt, look no further. At Campfire Cannabis, we understand that cannabis and wellness go hand-in-hand. We offer a wide range of strains to help you reach your goals. Shop our cannabis products today and start your journey to optimal wellness!

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