3 Perfect Holiday Party Ideas for Adults

The holiday season is around the corner, and this means planning opportunities to spend time with friends and family. After all, the joy of the holidays doesn’t happen without some logistics, so how can you bring some holiday magic to your circle?  Hosting a holiday party can be the perfect way to gather those you love, have some fun, and make memories for a lifetime. 

While the planning can be easy to execute with some help, sometimes the hardest part is finding creative holiday party ideas for adults that your loved ones will actually enjoy. Luckily, this post will give you three ideas for adult holiday parties that your friends will talk about for years to come.

3 Adult Holiday Party Ideas

Holiday parties for adults are, in many ways, events to allow them to be kids again. With cannabis, you can remove a lot of inhibitions, stress about work, and other factors that can bring your guests down during the holiday season. This way, you’ll all fully partake and enjoy the activities planned to the best of your ability.

The following ideas vary with what you’re into — not everyone loves eggnog — the number of guests you have, and what you think you’ll enjoy. You can also mix and match ideas to create the perfect festive environment 

1. Edibles Exchange Party

To throw an incredible edibles exchange holiday party, follow these steps:

  1. Invite friends who are fans of edibles and tell them to bring their favorite edible to gift away. 
  2. Go to your dispensary of choice — Campfire Cannabis is a Massachusetts favorite — and buy anything from infused beverages, gummies, chocolates, or more.
  3. Set the mood with holiday music, decorations, cushions, blankets, and lots of regular snacks for the munchies.
  4. Ask guests to come in their holiday pajamas (or comfy sweats).
  5. Have fun!

2. Christmas Movie Marathon + Bingo

This one is pretty straightforward. Make a list of your favorite nostalgia-filled holiday movies, create bingo cards for classic Christmas movie tropes and quotes (or find some online to print), look for the answers as you watch the movies, and make a rule that everyone takes a sip or a puff every time they catch something from their bingo card on the screen. Extra points if you have a prize for the bingo winner.

3. Gingerbread House Contest With Cannabis Snacks

Buy gingerbread house kits for each of your guests and buy or make gingerbread cannabis snacks to share. Cannabis-infused hot chocolate is also a great holiday idea! You can eat your cannabis snacks before you build the houses for an extra challenge or once you’re done to celebrate. Finally, vote on everyone’s favorite and have a prize ready for the winner.

Have a Great Holiday Party!

While all of these party activities will guarantee a great time for you and your friends, you can always make it better by taking pictures, giving guests a small gift to take home, and buying from the best dispensary to have the highest quality experience you can.

Live in Massachusetts? Look for your holiday party essentials here.

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