Cannabis Infused Seltzers & 4 Other Trending Products to Try

Following its widespread legalization, the cannabis industry has grown to include several innovative products ranging from edibles, topicals, extracts, and more. This product variation has allowed users to reap the benefits of cannabis in creative ways, keep consumption discreet, and find new ways to add cannabis to their daily lives. Keep reading to learn more about how cannabis is being infused into products, the benefits, and some of the current trending thc products on the market.

What is a Cannabis-Infused Product?

A cannabis-infused product is when cannabis flavors, aroma, and properties are added to the product, allowing the person using the product to experience the benefits of the cannabis without directly smoking it. Cannabis-infused products can include different levels of specific cannabinoids, which will determine the effect of the product. For example, CBD-dominant infusions may have more physiological healing properties, while THC-dominant infusions have more psychoactive properties

5 Trending Cannabis Products

Due to its versatility, there are several cannabis-infused products to choose from, which can become overwhelming for newcomers. One of the best ways to explore different weed products is by trying some of the trending ones on the market and those that can be an alternative to non-cannabis products. Some of the top trending weed products you should try to include:

THC-Infused Seltzers

Seltzers are carbonated water that doesn’t contain any added minerals, giving it a plain taste. Seltzers will typically have a light flavor added to them, making them a refreshing and healthier option than most other flavored beverages. Cannabis Infused seltzers are on the rise in terms of their popularity, as you can now enjoy a refreshing drink while also feeling the effects of the added THC. These drinks come in different strains, which allows you to reach your desired high. 


Cookies are a classic sweet treat, and adding cannabis to them just made them that much better. If you’re a fan of edibles but prefer baked goods over candies, cookies are a great alternative. They are made by baking the cookies using cannabutter, which is a butter that has been infused with THC. As with any other edible, it is important to consider dosages and ease into it before deciding to eat more.

Cannabis Fruit Chews and Candies

Cannabis-infused fruit chews and candies are perfect for those that have a sweet tooth and want a way to consume cannabis discreetly. Cannabis fruit chews and candies can contain both THC and CBD, making them an ideal option for those who want to experience both the therapeutic and psychoactive effects of cannabis. 

Mouth Sprays and Inhalers

Mouth sprays and inhalers are newer and more innovative cannabis products that make on-the-go cannabis intake a breeze. Both options are quite discreet, as they don’t look like a typical cannabis product and don’t give off a smell that would give that away. These are both products that can be added to your daily life without any added hassle or discreet packaging. 

Cooking Oil

Cannabis-infused cooking oil makes it easy to add cannabis to any of your cooked meals. The potency can vary based on the strain used for the cooking oil and you should be aware of dosages when deciding to cook with cooking oil. However, this is a great way to add cannabis to your daily regimen.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis-Infused Products?

Cannabis-infused products make it easier than ever to consume cannabis and reap its benefits without drawing too much attention to yourself in public or going through the hassle of preparation that can come with other forms of intake like smoking. At Campfire Cannabis, we offer a wide range of cannabis-infused products for you to try as you explore the growing world of cannabis. Browse our selection of thc beverages online and other thc products today and start finding fun, new ways to incorporate cannabis into your daily life.

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