What Are Weed Pre-Rolls? Tips for Buying and Using

If you’re a traditional joint smoker but you’ve never given pre-rolls a spin, you’re missing out. Weed pre-rolls — joints that are rolled up and ready to go when you purchase them — deliver the toke-riffic smoking experience you love about joints with several additional benefits.

A weed pre-roll is a convenient way to enjoy a joint. Pre-rolls eliminate the need for supplies like rolling papers and weed grinders. They also cut way back on the skillset that rolling joints requires: To blaze a pre-roll, all you need to know how to do is light it up. You can say goodbye to wonky joints that canoe or burn out and just enjoy the experience. 

Weed pre-rolls are available in practically every strain out there. Whether you prefer to smoke sativa, inhale indica, or get high off a hybrid, there’s a weed pre-roll you’re guaranteed to enjoy, in a range of quantities. At Campfire Cannabis, you can score pre-roll packs in any amount from a single joint to 12 — all in a sturdy package that keeps them safe until you’re ready to smoke them. If you’ve ever had your high harshed by a joint that got broken or crushed, you can understand the appeal.

Weed Pre-Rolls: A Guide 

It’s understandable to have questions if you’re new to pre-rolls. How much do weed pre-rolls cost? When it comes to picking a good pre-roll, what should you look out for? Consider this your guide to everything you always wanted to know about weed pre-rolls.

How To Choose a Good Pre-Roll

As with any cannabis product, the best way to ensure you go with an excellent weed pre-roll is to talk to the budtenders at your dispensary. They can answer all your pre-roll questions, so be sure to ask them about:

  • Weed quality: Avoid pre-rolls that are rolled with cannabis leftovers like trim or any that have bits of stem or twigs. You’ll also want to ask about the THC percentage, potency, and terpene profile.
  • Package quality: Pre-rolls can dry out more quickly than buds, so make sure the packaging is heat-sealed. The best pre-rolls come in sealed tubes called “doob tubes” that keep them fresh.
  • Paper quality: Before you purchase, make sure the pre-roll is made with quality paper. Natural materials like hemp or flax tend to burn more evenly than other kinds.

How Much Are Pre-Rolls?

The cost of pre-rolls depends on a few factors. The quality of the flower, your local cannabis tax rate, and whether the pre-roll is infused with a concentrate like wax or shatter all make a difference. Whether you buy a single pre-roll or a multi-pack will also affect the price. In general, they range from as low as $5 to as much as $35 per joint.

What If You Don’t Smoke the Whole Joint?

If you don’t make it through the entire pre-roll in one smoke session, you can put it out and save it for later. To keep it fresh, the doob tube it came in is your best and most convenient bet — just be sure that the joint is completely extinguished and let it cool down first. You can also store it in an airtight glass jar or a reusable joint tube.

Campfire Cannabis: A Toker’s Oasis 

Campfire Cannabis is committed to helping you get the best high every time by connecting you with the best cannabis products around. Our budtenders are weed aficionados who can answer all your questions about pre-rolled joints and anything else weed-related. Visit us at our West Boylston or Salisbury, MA locations to get your toke on.

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