The First-Timer’s Guide to Recreational Cannabis: Start Here

There are two types of cannabis use: medical and recreational. Medical cannabis is for those who use cannabis products to treat a specific ailment such as chronic pain or insomnia. Medical cannabis patients get a recommendation from their doctor and shop in medical cannabis dispensaries. 

Then there’s recreational cannabis. Also called adult-use cannabis, recreational cannabis is for adults 21 and older. You don’t need a doctor’s recommendation to buy and use it. You can walk into a recreational dispensary, show your ID, and purchase whatever products you want (up to a specific limit). Recreational cannabis has grown a lot in popularity, and more states are legalizing it every year. As the market grows, the number of products available has increased significantly. If you’re looking to get into recreational use for the first time, here are a few things it might be useful to know. 

Why Do People Use Recreational Cannabis?‌

Some people who choose to use recreational cannabis do so because they enjoy the feeling of being high. While the sensation can be fun, it’s not the only motive that users have. Some use it to get relief from ailments like pain or anxiety without going to a doctor. 

Some use specific strains to relax at the end of the day or heighten enjoyment during an outdoor experience. For some, cannabis can make social situations easier. For others, the plant can provide a creative or motivational boost. 

Recreational Cannabis Terms to Know

As you dip your toes into the world of cannabis, you may quickly find that there are countless terms to learn. Here are a few of the most common cannabis terms for beginners, to help you get started expanding your knowledge:

  • Cannabinoids: the compounds in cannabis that provide the bulk of psychoactive effects.
  • Terpenes: the compounds in cannabis (and other plants) responsible for each strain’s unique aroma and flavor.
  • Bud: this refers to the dried and cured flowers you can purchase at a cannabis shop. 
  • Concentrates: a concentrate undergoes a process to concentrate the cannabinoids, resulting in a much more potent product.
  • Edibles: a food or beverage infused with cannabis. 
  • Dispensary: a shop that sells cannabis products. 
  • Budtender: the salesperson behind the counter at a dispensary. 

How to Choose the Right Recreational Cannabis Products for You

There are numerous recreational cannabis products on the market today. Choosing the best product for you depends on your goals. You may want to consider how discreet you would like to be, how quickly you want to feel the effects, and how long you want those effects to last. For instance, smoking and vaping offer the fastest-acting (but shortest-lived) effects. Edibles offer the longest-lasting effects but take a while to kick in. If you’re ever unsure, you can always ask a budtender for advice. 

Tips for Getting Started‌

  • Always buy third-party tested products from a trusted, licensed dispensary.
  • Start with a low dose and gradually work your way up.
  • Give yourself some time before you try a second dose. Wait at least 30 minutes to an hour after inhaling and up to two hours after an edible. 
  • If you take too much THC, remind yourself the effects will wear off. In the meantime, you can try taking CBD, chewing on a peppercorn, drinking water, eating a snack, or getting some sleep. 

Cannabis for Beginners: Where to Go to Find Quality Recreational Cannabis Products

The world of recreational cannabis can be overwhelming to a newcomer, but there are always people around to help.

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