Massachusetts Dispensary Tips: When To Replace Cartridges

Vaping cannabis has quickly become a popular alternative to smoking. It’s generally safer, it’s more discreet, and it’s pretty straightforward. You also have a few options if you choose to vape. You can get a rechargeable battery and purchase separate cartridges containing your favorite strains, or you can buy disposable pens. Either way, you may have found yourself wondering how long your cart will last. A few factors can influence that answer. Let’s take a look. 

How Long Do Cannabis Vape Cartridges Last?

When looking for an answer to how long a vape cartridge lasts, some people really want to know how long it will take them to finish their carts. The answer to that will depend significantly on how often you use it and the size of your draws. 

Generally speaking, a 500 mg cartridge has 150 one-second puffs in it. If you take three- to six-second hits several times a day, your cart will not last as long as if you were to take a couple of one-second draws. If you only use your vape device a couple of times a week, your cartridge will last even longer. 

Other factors, such as heat settings and oil viscosity, can also affect your cart’s lifespan. For instance, if you have a thicker oil or use a higher heat setting, you may end up going through your cartridge more quickly.

How Do You Know When to Replace a Vape Cartridge?

Other people who want to know how long vape carts last are curious about the shelf life of their products. While they can generally last a while, time can take a toll on the oil inside your cart. THC breaks down into CBN, reducing the potency of your oil. The oil itself can degrade, too, which can affect the flavor of your hits and mar your overall experiences. 

While cannabis cart manufacturers may print expiration dates on their product packaging, those dates aren’t set in stone. How you store your products is crucial to prolonging the life of the cartridge. Like fresh buds, you’ll want to keep your carts in a cool, dark area like a cabinet or a dresser drawer. Exposure to sunlight and heat will degrade your oils faster. 

There are also a few signs that may indicate your carts aren’t as good as they used to be. These may include:

  • Oil discoloration
  • A cloudy appearance
  • Thicker (sludgy) viscosity
  • An “off” flavor
  • Reduced potency 

While a cart that’s past its prime may not cause health problems, you may find your experiences with it less than satisfactory. In short, if you notice your oil looks or tastes different or funky, your best bet is to get a new one. 

Tips for Choosing Vape Cartridges

When looking for a vape cart, always shop at a reputable, knowledgeable dispensary. They’re more likely to stock the highest-quality products tested by third-party laboratories. Keep your eye on the ingredients label, too; additional ingredients could affect the shelf-life of your oil.

Another point to pay attention to is the material of the cart itself. If you have the choice, go with glass. While it may be more fragile, glass is more heat-resistant. You also won’t run the risk of potentially harmful chemicals leeching into your oil (and subsequently, into your lungs). Finally, if you’re buying carts to go with a rechargeable battery, make sure they’re compatible.  

Find Quality Vape Cartridges at Our Massachusetts Dispensary

Vape carts can expire, but there’s a good chance you’ll go through yours before that expiration date arrives. Taking care to properly store your carts can ensure they stay fresh and effective for as long as possible.

Are you looking for vape cartridges? As your premier Massachusetts dispensary, Campfire Cannabis has a wide selection of carts, pods, and disposables, enabling you to find the ones that best fit your needs. Check out our products online or visit us in-store today. 

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