Cannabis Shop Etiquette: 4 Do’s & Don’ts

Visiting a dispensary for the first time is an exciting experience. The legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts has meant you can now step into a regulated shop and ask questions with a professional to find the right product for you. 

But going to a cannabis shop can feel a little intimidating, too. Here are our four do’s and don’ts of dispensary etiquette, so you can get the most out of your time there. 

Do Have Some Ideas Beforehand

It’s okay to be new to cannabis products and need a lot of guidance from your budtender. But having an idea before your visit of your preferences or what you might like to try can help move along the conversation. 

Maybe you tried smoking bud before but never enjoyed the taste. Or maybe this will be your first time getting high. Perhaps you’ve heard of a specific terpene’s effects and want to try it out. Prompts like this will help your budtender give the best recommendations. 

Don’t Show Up Empty-Handed

As with alcohol, you must be 21 to buy cannabis legally in Massachusetts. And no matter what age you look, the dispensary you visit will require you to show a government-issued ID. Make sure you have your driver’s license or passport before you leave the house. 

Due to federal restrictions, many dispensaries in the US work on a cash-only basis. Campfire Cannabis can accept both cash and debit and we have an ATM on-premises. Just don’t show up with only a credit card. 

Do Be Respectful to Staff

You can use budtenders as your reliable source of cannabis information — after all, they’re trained to help! Feel free to ask about the different terpenes and cannabinoids in a cannabis product and their effects, or ask where a product is cultivated and how it’s tested. 

You may have years of experience as a cannabis consumer, but budtenders are experts in both cannabis culture and the products their dispensary sells. Listen to their advice and be respectful. Be patient if dispensary staff are busy and can’t help you right away, too. And why not tip your budtender? They’re in the service industry, after all. 

Don’t Hold Back Information

Feel free to openly discuss with your budtender your previous experiences with cannabis — whether or not they were pleasant. Talk about the types of products you’ve used, and how you felt about them. When you’re honest, your budtender is more likely to suggest products you’re going to enjoy the most. 

The staff in a dispensary also aren’t going to judge you if it’s your first time trying cannabis. If anything, it will help them find a product that’s suitable for a first-timer. 

Do Come to Campfire Cannabis

We operate a store like no other — with a real ‘outdoorsy’ feel and an excellent range of handpicked products. Come visit us in our West Boylston store where our experienced Camp Rangers will guide you through the cannabis buying process. You can even browse the Campfire Cannabis menu online to prepare before your visit.

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