Have You Tried Cannamilk? Benefits + Tips for Making It

Even though recreational and medicinal cannabis use is at an all-time high (pun intended), there’s still some concern about the effects of smoking it. Fortunately, you can consume and get high on cannabis in the form of edibles. Chocolate, candy, gummies… the list seems endless, and people still discover new ways to get high every day!

One of the latest trends in edible cannabis can end up on your daily cup of coffee! Cannamilk may seem like an odd pairing, but it can offer the perfect way to use cannabis without disrupting your daily routine or for adding something extra to that late-night bowl of cereal. Read on to learn about this amazing new edible recipe, all its delicious applications, and tips for making it!

What is Cannamilk?

Simply put, “cannamilk” is milk infused with cannabis. If you’ve ever made cannabutter or cannabis-infused honey, you understand the infusion process. You can’t just plop weed into a glass of milk and call it cannamilk, you’ll just end up with soggy weed.

Instead, you’ll need to decarboxylate the cannabis. Decarboxylation involves heating your cannabis so that its psychoactive properties activate. Usually, this is achieved through burning and smoking it. When making edibles and drinkables such as cannamilk, you instead bake the cannabis in a preheated oven. ( You could also try microwaving your cannabis, but…)

Then, when dry and cool, grind it into a fine powder and apply it to any kind of milk you wish, simmer, strain, and behold, cannamilk! Cannamilk adds another delicious cannabis-infused ingredient to your kitchen. 

Cannamilk Benefits

People who have tried cannamilk can attest to its convenience and flexibility:

  • It’s healthier than smoking: Whether you’re smoking weed or cigarettes, you’re inhaling toxins and ash. With consumables like cannamilk, however, you skip the smoke and get high within your wellness plan.
  • It applies to any kind of milk: What do cows, goats, almonds, oats, and coconuts have in common? Their milk is delicious with cannabis! Cannamilk recipes work with just about any kind of milk. (Protip: The fattier the milk, the higher you get!)
  • It makes a great ingredient: Though you can certainly drink your cannamilk the old-fashioned way, you can also use it in most recipes that use regular milk, such as cookies, brownies, ice cream, custard, whipped cream, and much more!

Making Cannamilk

The internet and some cookbooks have varying methods for making cannamilk, but they mostly follow a structure like this:

  • Decarboxylate first: Cannabis only gets you high after its THCA is converted to THC through decarboxylation. Baking it at around 230℉ achieves this without burning the cannabis you plan to use. (Protip: Don’t add too much cannabis if it’s your first time making cannamilk. Wait to see how your first batch affects you.)
  • Break it down: Once your cannabis is cooked and dried, grind it to an oregano-like powder. This makes it easier to dissolve and keeps your cannamilk free of large chunks of weed.
  • Simmer and mix: Combine the cannabis with your choice of milk in a saucepan and let them simmer together for about 45 minutes. You know you’re getting close when the milk turns green and aromatic.
  • Strain and enjoy: Use a cheesecloth or strainer to remove any remaining plant and let it cool. Congratulations, you’ve made cannamilk!

Discover Cannamilk

No matter how you choose to make cannamilk, you’ll always get better results with high-quality weed. Luckily, you can find it easily at a reputable brick-and-mortar or online dispensary like Campfire Cannabis.

Order online or come in to look around, we can answer your questions about cannamilk or any other weed-related info you might need! 

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