Have a Sweet Cannabis New Year: A 2023 Inspiration Guide

The day is quickly coming when friends and family all over will be ringing in the New Year with a lively celebration. Whether your year was full of trials and tribulations or of growth and success, there’s no better way to wrap things up than with good company, an unforgettable party, and resolutions for the coming year. With the recent legalization of cannabis in several states, New Year’s celebrations are reaching a new high! Keep reading to learn how you can plan and execute a memorable cannabis-themed New Year’s celebration.

Plan Your Cannabis New Year’s Celebration

1. Cannabis-themed party

What would a New Year’s party be without a fun theme? This year, take your guests to cloud 9 by putting on a cannabis-themed party. Decorate your party space with weed decorations and colors that will remind your guests of their favorite flower. Take it a step further by providing cannabis-themed food, including edibles and infused treats, a smoke-sesh playlist, and games centered around maintaining your guests’ high throughout the night. Utilizing cannabis products is a great way to end the year feeling relaxed and loose and bring in the New Year on a positive note.

2. Traveling to recreational states

Although most states have legalized recreational marijuana, there are still 12 states that have not jumped on board. If you live in one of the 12, we urge you to ring in the New Year in a cannabis-friendly state. This is a great opportunity to explore a new place and reap the benefits of recreational marijuana. Whether you choose to do a solo travel trip or bring your closest friends, you are sure to end the year on a high note (pun intended)!

3. Cannabis gift exchange

Often, people associate the holiday season with giving. Whether it’s giving your time or giving gifts, the holiday season is the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them being part of your year. A New Year’s gift exchange is a great way to keep the love going, and a cannabis gift exchange ensures that everyone gets a gift they love! Encourage your guests to bring their favorite cannabis products to share with others. The gift exchange can be between two people, or you can choose to make a game out of it that allows the gift exchange to be a surprise. Similar to the popular holiday game White Elephant, guests can choose their gift based solely on its wrapping and leave your party with a surprise cannabis gift.

It’s All About the Strain

When planning a successful cannabis-themed New Year’s celebration, it’s important to carefully pick the perfect strains for you and your guests. Choosing the best strains for your party is dependent on several factors, including the type of high you are seeking, the kind of food you will be offering, and the vibe that you will be setting for the evening. At Campfire Cannabis, we have all of the strains you need to bring your cannabis New Year’s celebration to fruition. Get ahead of the game and start stocking up on all of the cannabis goods you’ll need to execute the perfect end to 2022 and an exciting start to 2023. 

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