Have A Good Morning (With Weed): 7 Wake & Bake Tips

Many people end their day with weed, but have you ever considered starting your day with it? Wake and bake is a cannabis term that refers to enjoying a bit of weed first thing in the morning. Technically, it refers to waking up and immediately getting high. If you’re looking to get the most out of your wake and bake, though, you’ll need to do a bit of planning first. 

Here, we’ll share some pro tips on how to have a good morning with weed. 

Clear Your Schedule

Before waking and baking, check your calendar. You’re likely to have a more enjoyable experience when you don’t have a day full of commitments ahead of you. 

Choose the Right Strain

Consider your goals when selecting a strain of cannabis for your wake-and-bake session. Are you looking to boost your creativity or focus on a personal project? An energizing Sativa or Sativa-dominant hybrid can help enhance your day. 

If you plan to lounge around on the sofa and do nothing, on the other hand, a sedating Indica may be just what you need. 

Prepare Breakfast Beforehand

Cooking while baked isn’t exactly the best idea. Depending on what you plan to make, you may be handling sharp knives and standing near extremely hot heat sources. Instead, prepare a filling, nutritious breakfast first, then get high. 

Consider eating your meal before getting baked, too. A full stomach can help you combat the munchies, helping you avoid reaching for junk food favorites first thing in the morning. 

Keep Things Comfy

Breakfast isn’t the only thing you should prepare first. For a good morning with weed, you’ll also want to take some time to make your space—and yourself—comfortable. Deck your lounge space out with fluffed pillows and a soft blanket. Set the television remote within reach. Don’t forget to put on some comfy clothes, too! 

Be Mindful of Roommates and Neighbors

Generally, waking and baking involves lighting up a joint. However, smoking does have one significant drawback—it produces a rather pungent, tell-tale weed aroma. While you might not mind, others might not appreciate it. 

Be mindful of others. If you want to smoke, consider heading outdoors. You might also consider low- or no-scent alternatives like vaping or edibles for your wake-and-bake sessions.  

Smoke First, Then Shower

Whether you plan to go out later or not, take a shower and brush your teeth after you get high. For one thing, getting clean afterward can help you feel (and smell) fresher. For another, showering while high is a pretty fantastic feeling. 

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated helps you avoid one of the most common side effects of cannabis use: cottonmouth. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after you wake and bake.

Wake and Bake Like a Pro 

A good morning with weed starts with high-quality cannabis. You’ll find everything you need for your wake-and-bake sessions at Campfire Cannabis. If you need strain suggestions or additional tips for success, our Camp Rangers will be more than happy to help. 

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