5 Summer Pastimes To Enjoy This Year (With Weed)

Summertime is quickly approaching, and chances are you’ve already begun planning for all of the fun activities you’ve been waiting for the rest of the year. After all, what can be better than warmer temperatures and time spent outdoors?

Find out how you can add cannabis to the mix to take your summer fun to the next level!

Summer Pastimes Made Better With Cannabis

Cannabis is a versatile flowering plant with many strains. Some days, you might want an energizing pick-me-up, while others, you might seek some well-deserved relaxation. By choosing different strains to suit your mood, you can elevate the feeling you are looking for. 

Add cannabis to the following summer activities to boost the feelings of fun or relaxation:

1. Weed-Friendly Beaches

Although the number of weed-friendly public areas is still growing, some weed-friendly beaches have emerged following the widespread legalization of recreational marijuana. There are still regulations that make consuming cannabis on many beaches illegal, so make sure you know the rules ahead of time. 

However, you can still enjoy a summer high on the right beach. Choose your favorite strain and enjoy the warm sand, cool water, and summer rays with friends!

2. Camping

Similar to beaches, cannabis-friendly campgrounds require you to remain discreet about your consumption. However, if you can legally and respectfully partake, a camping trip can become a lot more fun. Use a stimulating strain to power through a hike and unwind with a more relaxing strain.

3. Drive-in Movies

Drive-in movies are making a comeback and are even better with a little cannabis. Enjoy a nostalgic night out with your favorite flick. There’s no better place to cure your munchies than at an outdoor movie with friends and plenty of snacks.

4. Cookouts

Cookouts are a summertime tradition that shouldn’t be missed. It’s no secret that a successful smoke sesh leads to major munchies, which makes cannabis and cookouts the perfect pair. Before you take a bite of a burger or hotdog this summer, be sure to stimulate your senses with some quality weed!

5. Festivals

Music festivals and weed are a dynamic duo with a rich history. For years, stoners have used cannabis to help enhance their vibe as they enjoy their favorite music with great company. 

As with any public event, read up on the rules before you go. If the festival is a long one, make sure you’re adequately prepared with a stash of cannabis to enjoy throughout.

Come Prepared

Friends, the great outdoors, and cannabis are the perfect combo for summertime fun. No matter what your summer plans look like, adding cannabis to the mix makes them even better. Campfire Cannabis has an unbeatable selection of cannabis products to fit your needs. 

Shop our online selection and take your summer 2024 to the next level!

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