What to Do During A Weed Panic Attack: Cannabis Shop Tips

Studies have shown that cannabis may reduce pain, ease inflammation, and provide stress relief. Some people, however, for one reason or another, may experience cannabis-induced anxiety. This may manifest as a panic attack, with symptoms such as uncontrollable shaking, sweating, difficulty breathing, and intense feelings of dread or doom. 

Weed panic attacks don’t last long, but they can feel like an eternity when you’re in the middle of one. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to lessen the effects until they wear off. 

How Does a Weed Panic Attack Happen?

One of the most prevalent cannabinoids in cannabis is THC, the compound responsible for getting you high. In some cases, THC can cause the part of your brain that controls fear and stress (the amygdala) to become overstimulated, leading to anxiety and panic. 

Certain factors can impact your risk of experiencing a weed panic attack, including:

  • Having a lower tolerance to THC
  • Taking a higher dose
  • Consuming a second (or third) edible before the first one kicks in
  • Being in an uncomfortable situation

Cannabis Shop Tips for Managing a Weed-Induced Panic Attack

Now let’s take a look at some things you can do during a weed panic attack to lessen the effects:

Talk Yourself Down

It’s not uncommon for people in the throes of a weed-induced panic attack to feel like the walls are closing in around them, people are out to get them, or they’re going to die. While the symptoms can be intense, they aren’t life-threatening. As challenging as it may be, remind yourself that you aren’t in danger. You’re going to be okay.

Try Some Deep Breathing

Panic attacks can cause rapid breathing or hyperventilation. That can make you feel lightheaded, which can make your anxiety worse. 

Sit somewhere comfortable and try some deep breathing. Inhale slowly, hold your breath for three to four seconds, then exhale slowly. Repeat these steps as needed.

Ground Yourself

You may understand that the symptoms you’re experiencing are just a panic attack, but this knowledge may not offer instant relief. Finding ways to ground yourself and stay present can help you overcome the effects you’re feeling. Run your hands under cold water, snuggle up with your dog, run some calculations in your head, or recite lines from your favorite movie scenes. 

Breathe In a Relaxing Aroma

Aromatherapy can help bring you back to the moment and lessen your anxiety. Essential oils like lavender, pine, or lemon balm can promote relaxation while also helping you stay present. Use an oil diffuser, light a candle (if you feel safe doing so), or use some scented body lotion. 

How to Avoid a Weed Panic Attack

As uncomfortable as a weed panic attack can be, the effects won’t last for long. Knowing how to manage the symptoms can help you through the situation. You can also reduce your risk of experiencing one by consuming smaller amounts of THC, waiting longer periods between each dose, and using products that have a more balanced THC to CBD ratio. 

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