What Is ‘710 Friendly’? Terms Worth Knowing

Understanding Marijuana Lingo

One of the more fun aspects of marijuana culture is of course the varied lingo surrounding marijuana products and usage. Of course, most of the terms now associated with marijuana were first born out of necessity. After all, when weed was illegal, users needed their own special language to discuss the subject without raising outside suspicions. Now, with weed quickly becoming legal across the country, these terms endure out of nostalgia and cultural attachment. However, with new marijuana products and activities appearing every year, users can sometimes find themselves faced with novel or unfamiliar terms. One such term is the ever-more popular “710 friendly.” 

The Meaning and Origins of “710”

At first glance, the use of the number “710” will likely make you think of another number much more familiar in marijuana circles: 420. But while 420 is generally an all-encompassing term that refers to more traditional weed smoking, 710 is more specific. The term refers to the particular usage of cannabis oil derived from concentrated cannabis buds. With legalization bringing in innovations in ways to get high, dispensaries are increasingly using technology to distill marijuana buds down to their purest essence. This process results in new types of marijuana products derived from cannabis oil, including wax, budder, honeycomb, and shudder. 

There have been different theories about how the number “710” came to refer to the use of cannabis oil and oil-derived products. Some say it refers to the San Francisco address where the Grateful Dead lived in the 1960s. Some say it arose from the desire for a time other than 4:20 to take cannabis oil products. Some say it derives from numbers associated with motor oil. But the most common (and most likely true) origin story also happens to be the simplest. “710” looks like the word “OIL” upside down. 

710 vs. 420

A space that refers to itself as “710 friendly” will therefore be one that more heavily focuses on the use of cannabis oil and cannabis oil products. In these spaces, users will be more likely to get high via processes like regular dabbing, cold dabbing, or smoking cannabis oil concentrate directly. Because cannabis oil products tend to produce a much stronger and more concentrated high, 710 friendly spaces are likely to include more experienced marijuana users. Marijuana dispensaries that advertise as “710” friendly will offer or specialize in oil-based products rather than traditional marijuana buds. 

Celebrating 710

Of course, even 710 friendly spaces will still be welcoming to marijuana aficionados of all experience levels. Whether you’re an experienced oil user or someone looking to dip your toes into the water, it’s a good idea to find the best sources of your product in order to get the best high for your experience level and budget. Campfire Cannabis, a multi dispensary operator based in Massachusetts, can help you with all of your marijuana needs. Whether you are looking to be more “710 friendly” with the finest oil-based products, or simply want good old fashion weed, Campfire Cannabis has the best products, buds, and concentrate options for you. 

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