What Are the Best Uses for Topicals?

Cannabis topicals are typically lotions, ointments, creams, oils, bath salts, or sprays infused with cannabis. They’re applied directly to the surface of the skin, where they’re absorbed for localized therapeutic relief. 

The ingredients of topicals can vary, but they’re often made from a nourishing oil base, such as sweet almond oil or coconut oil. Other times, you’ll find them infused with the usual ingredients you’d expect to see in a moisturizing cream. 

Some topicals are made with cannabis strains bred for a large amount of a particular cannabinoid or terpene in their chemical profile. Topical manufacturers may also incorporate other therapeutic ingredients in their topicals, such as essential oils or other plant extracts. 

What Are the Best Uses for Topicals? 

Topicals are commonly used as first aid, cosmetics or for skincare. They’re especially useful as they don’t come with the side effects of common pain medications. But, for some users, topical application stands out from other cannabis consumption methods for several reasons.  

Fast-Acting Relief

The effects of a cannabis topical can usually be felt within a few minutes and last for one or two hours. This makes them ideal for persistent pain or discomfort that arrives quickly and needs a fast solution. 

To Avoid Getting High

THC molecules are too big to pass through the skin barrier. Applying a topical can therefore provide the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without any risk of feeling mind-altering effects. 

Discreet Application

Topicals are easy to discreetly dose, as they can look just like a regular balm or lotion. They can be regularly applied throughout the day without any preparation, unlike when smoking a joint. 

What Are the Most Common Conditions People Treat with Topicals? 

People are usually familiar with at least a few of the common conditions patients use medical marijuana to treat. But they often don’t realize the best uses for topicals as a type of product. 

First Aid

A cannabis topical product can be a soothing all-around treatment to relieve inflammation and pain from scratches, wounds, and insect bites and stings. The terpene linalool is found in most cannabis strains and is thought to be useful for cooling burns. There’s now even general acceptance that some cannabinoids have antiseptic properties for fighting infections. 

Joint and Muscle Pain

People sometimes use cannabis topicals when they’re injured. Applying a cannabis ointment may provide localized relief for twists, sprains, muscle pain, bruises, and swelling. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis could also make a topical a great choice for arthritic joint pain. 

Skin Conditions

A study from 2014 suggests CBD, or cannabidiol, may reduce excess sebum in the skin. This would then indicate it could help to reduce acne breakouts. Cannabis topicals have also been known to achieve very effective results for reducing other skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. 


Free radicals can be picked up from pollution and UV radiation and cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear on our faces. Antioxidants, such as cannabis, prevent cell and DNA damage caused by these. There are a growing number of beauty companies now harnessing the power of cannabis for anti-aging moisturizers and night creams. 

Topicals at Campfire Cannabis

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