The Top 5 Marijuana Games to Try This Weekend

Games are a timeless icebreaker and a way to maintain the group’s energy during get-togethers. When you’re smoking weed with friends, playing games also amplifies the fun and brings out some healthy competition. Keep reading to learn more about the best games to play while high with the gang.

The 5 Best Weed Games To Play While High

Choosing a great game for your smoke sesh can be tricky as you may want to avoid a game that requires too much focus or that takes too long to finish. You’ll want a fun game to complement your euphoric high. If you’re in the mood for a contagious fit of giggles or you’re feeling sentimental, here are five must-try games.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity brings stoner card games to the next level. A randomly selected Card Czar reads an incomplete statement from a black card while the rest of the players try to complete it using bizarre phrases from white cards. The most sidesplitting combinations win points. Game rules may be remixed, and there are unique ways to end the game, like making a haiku.


A favorite during gatherings, charades is a pantomime team game in which a player acts out a phrase and the other members try to guess what it is. The team that guesses the most number of phrases wins. Play feel-good music in the background to help set the mood.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a popular game for smaller circles. One version involves players holding up one or both hands and each person stating, “Never have I ever,” followed by an action that they have never done. Anyone in the room who has done or experienced the action puts a finger down and takes a toke. The last player with a finger still up wins.

Nostalgic Video Games

Go back in time with nostalgic video games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and Mortal Combat. Whoever wins a round takes a puff while the loser watches and waits for another shot at the bong. This is exciting because competition can be enhanced when there is a tangible reward. 


Medusa is a cannabis-themed game named after the monster of Greek mythology. Players start with their heads down, then on the count of three, they have to look up and stare at another player. If you’re looking at someone who’s looking back at you, you both shout, “Medusa!” and take a hit.

Plan Your Next Game Night

There are several classic games to animate your weed sessions, and you can even invent your own rules. You may also want to incorporate other activities like making cannabis edibles. Whatever activity you plan to incorporate, make sure you’re in a safe place and have the best cannabis to keep the vibe going. Campfire Cannabis has all of the strains you need. Browse the online selection and find the best strain for you and your friends for your next game night.

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