The 4 Steps to Clean Your Cannabis Vape Pen

Keeping your vape pen clean is essential to keep air flowing and temperature regulated, but how to clean your vape may not be obvious.

We’ll go over some surprisingly simple steps for how to clean your vape pen. Repeat this routine every 15-20 times you have a toke and your pen should stay in working condition for a very long time. 

What Will You Need to Clean Your Vape Pen? 


Most vape pens come with a small brush. It’s most useful for removing larger residue and getting into smaller passages. If your vape didn’t come with one, a pipe cleaner or an old, soft toothbrush are good substitutes.


Solvent will dislodge residue effectively from the inside of your pen. Any of these are good solvents to use: 

  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol
  • Warm soapy water
  • Propylene glycol

Check your vape pen’s instruction manual to see if there’s anything you shouldn’t use. Otherwise, experiment over time to find the solvent that works best. 

Cleaning Fabric

To scrub away at every part of your vape pen and get it looking as good as new, use a cleaning fabric of some kind. Find an old flannel, towel, or rag you can save and reuse each time you clean it. 

Small Towel

While cleaning your pen, it’s best to work on a clean, waterproof surface that can absorb any stains. Lay out a small towel or large rag on a table to help keep your surfaces clean.

How to Clean Your Vape Pen

1. Take your vape apart.

Carefully unscrew and detach the different components of your vape, following the instructions in your device’s manual. You’ll probably find it’s easier to clean off the residue in your vape when it’s warm, so consider activating it before you begin cleaning. Just make sure it’s not hot to the touch! 

Disassemble every part of the vape as much as possible for the most thorough clean – but don’t force anything apart. Lay the components out on your clean towel so you can see exactly what you’re working with. 

2. Brush residue away.

Empty the vape chamber of any dry residue by tapping it into the nearest bin. Then use your brush to clean away any larger, more persistent particles stuck to the pen’. By doing this, you’ll make more thorough cleaning easier in the next stage. Just don’t apply too much pressure with the brush around delicate parts, like the heating coils. 

3. Clean each component.

Liquids and electronics aren’t exactly friends, so refer to your manual before cleaning any of your pen’s parts and keep any solvent well away from the battery. Apply the solvent to the cloth and wipe over the ‘safe’ surfaces of your vape pen. Pay special attention to the mouthpiece and scrub where needed. Once you’ve finished cleaning, wash over each part with water to remove any remaining solvent. 

4. Reassemble your pen.

Leave your clean components out so they can dry completely before you put your vape pen together again. When reassembling it, make sure everything is properly screwed back together and reattached. Your vape pen should look as good as new and produce tasty hits! 

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