Recreational Cannabis Tips: Understanding (+ Resetting) Tolerance

Cannabis tolerance is identified as your body getting used to the amount of cannabis you intake. Once this tolerance occurs, it can change the way weed affects you and can diminish the high you get after consuming your usual amount. Although this can be seen as a positive impact for marijuana users who wish to feel fewer side effects, it can pose a threat to frequent users who partake in cannabis for the effects they get from it. The good news is that there are ways to reset your tolerance and prevent that tolerance from rising again.

What Causes Cannabis Tolerance?

THC is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis and, when ingested, turns on the CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Once the brain has gotten used to the amount of THC you ingest, the cannabinoid is desensitized and a cannabis tolerance is created. At this point, the user will notice that they need to increase their dosage in order to experience the intoxicating effects of weed.

 There are several factors that contribute to cannabis tolerance:

  • Genetics is a main cause of cannabis tolerance. Since we are all made up of a different DNA build, THC affects us differently depending on our CB1 and CB2 receptors. Aside from these receptors, there are other genes and internal organs, like the liver, than can affect our cannabis tolerance based on how it is ingested.
  • Like building a tolerance to any other substance, it can be affected by how frequently we use it. The more a person partakes in cannabis products, the more immunity they develop against its effects.
  • Consuming weed products that are high in THC, like dabs, can also lead to cannabis tolerance as the level of THC saturates the receptors in the brain, causing it to create a tolerance faster than regular use of lower dose weed products. 
  • Females have been shown to have a greater sensitivity to cannabis, making it more likely for them to have a cannabis tolerance.

How to Reset Your Cannabis Tolerance

If you’re noticing that you are starting to have a cannabis tolerance, but you want to reset it and continue reaping the benefits of your usual dosage, you’re in luck! Taking a tolerance break, better known as a T-break, is when you voluntarily take a short break from cannabis products and is one of the most popular weed tolerance hacks. This break can be as short as a couple of hours or as long as a couple of weeks. Once the break is over, you will notice that the effects of the cannabis are back to being as strong as they were prior to your developed weed tolerance.

Additionally, you can lessen your dosage when you return from the break. This will slow the development of your tolerance over time

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You can also prevent cannabis tolerance by switching strains. Specifically, it is best to switch between strains that are THC dominant and strains that are CBD dominant. This weed tolerance hack exposes your receptors to different THC levels, which helps prevent a tolerance from a specific THC dosage. At Campfire Cannabis, we have different strains at different THC levels. Shop our full menu and ask our experts for more information on how you can prevent weed tolerance.

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