Recreational Cannabis For The Holidays | A New Year’s Guide

The holidays are here, and it’s time to celebrate! The holidays can come with a lot of extremes. They are extremely exciting for some and extremely overwhelming for others. 

If you feel anxious, depressed, or stressed during the holidays, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, the holidays can come with a lot of highs and lows. Thankfully, recreational cannabis can help you and your friends get through these stressful times together. 

Take the edge off of this holiday season by bringing your friends together for a cannabis-themed party. 

4 Best Products For a Cannabis Party

Whether it’s a gift wrapping party or New Years’ party, any occasion is an excellent excuse to throw a recreational cannabis party. To throw a great cannabis party, you’ll need some great cannabis products.

Campfire Cannabis can supply you with all of your cannabis party needs. Check out our favorite party products today.

1. Flower

Smoking cannabis is excellent for social gatherings. To keep your party lively, we recommend the following strains:

  • White Nightmare: This strain is great for parties because it provides an energetic and happy high. It also is lower in THC — 15.5% — and will help prevent your guests from getting an overwhelming high. 
  • Jolly Rancher: This strain has a higher THC content — 21.4% — for your guests with a more significant tolerance. It also comes with a creative, energetic, and happy high. 

2. Pre-Rolls

Let’s face it, not everyone is good at rolling joints. So to save time and keep the party going, have some pre-rolls available to pass around.

Here are some of our favorite party pre-rolls;

  • Sour Joker: This strain provides a nice cerebral high that is uplifting and energy-boosting.
  • Stardawg: This strain is also uplifting but offers a more subtle, sociable high.  

3. Concentrates

Concentrates are fun party favors for guests that prefer to microdose. If you choose to offer concentrates at your party, you will need to provide a way to consume them or instruct your guests to bring their own portable dab rig. 

Our favorite party concentrates include:

  • Juice Box Crumble: Crumbles are versatile and can be used in a dab rig or sprinkled on some flower. Juice Box is a great party crumble that provides a stimulating and energy-boosting high.
  • Skywalker Sugar Wax: Guests at your next Star Wars-themed party will love this concentrate. It provides a high that relieves stress and will leave your guests feeling happy and relaxed.

4. Edibles

What would a holiday party be without chocolate and drinks? To get the party started, greet your guests with one of these delicious chocolate edibles:

If you’re concerned about guests combining alcohol and cannabis, consider offering cannabis-infused drinks as an alternative. Two of our favorites are:

Campfire Cannabis Can Help

Contact Campfire Cannabis for more information about how you can incorporate recreational cannabis into your next party. Our expert staff can provide you with information about all of our products.

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