Online Dispensary Reviews Mids vs. Highs Weed: What To Know

With marijuana now legalized across much of the country, consumers have access to more varieties than ever before. The marijuana market is attracting new users who are curious to dip their toes into the water. While this amazing variety of marijuana products and qualities has prompted a weed renaissance, the variation in qualities and strengths can be confusing for both new and experienced users. Regardless of whether you’re new to the marijuana game or have been smoking since the ‘60s, it’s a good idea to understand the difference between “mid” and “high” quality marijuana.

Understanding Marijuana Strength Levels

If you go into your average marijuana dispensary today, you’ll probably find several different types of weed with all sorts of different strength levels. But, in most cases, most of the weed you’ll be able to buy today falls into two categories: “mids” and “highs.” Having a basic understanding of the main differences between mids and highs and the advantages and disadvantages of each can clear up a lot of confusion when you’re shopping for marijuana products. Whether you’re looking at different strains in person or browsing online dispensary reviews, it’s a good idea to focus on whether a particular strand of marijuana is a “mid” or a “high,” and what this means for your usage. 


Most types of marijuana sold in the US qualify as “mid” strength weed. In most cases, marijuana classified as “mid” will have a THC content between 10% and 16%. As its name suggests, mid-strength marijuana is stronger than weaker varieties, though not as strong as the more powerful brands. The particular high that you will experience will depend somewhat on your overall experience with marijuana as a whole. If you are a first-time user, a mid-strength marijuana product will produce a more impressive high. If you are an experienced or veteran smoker, the high will likely be less strong, though still potent. 

Pros of mid-strength marijuana

Mids will likely produce a powerful high for both new and experienced users without being overwhelming. Mid-strength marijuana products also tend to have better color and fewer seeds than weaker, cheaper strands. Finally, mid-strength products tend to be cheap enough for most users to afford while still providing sufficient bang for your buck in terms of the resulting high. 

Cons of mid-strength marijuana

Though mids do tend to have better coloration than the cheapest marijuana strains, their color can still be less appealing to look at than more expensive products. Mids also may contain some stems and seeds, and may also have a bit of mold as well. 


High-strength marijuana products will have THC content between 16% and 25%. These products will produce the strongest high, and as such are probably best for more experienced marijuana users. 

Pros of high-strength marijuana

High-strength marijuana will not only produce the most powerful high, but it will also likely have the best color, contain the fewest stems and seeds, and not contain any excess mold. 

Cons of high-strength marijuana

Given its power and superior quality, highs are also the most expensive strains of marijuana. Their powerful high can also overwhelm new marijuana users, who may end up paying too much money for an experience that they don’t end up enjoying. 

Finding the Best Dispensaries

When looking through the different strengths of varieties of marijuana, it’s a good idea to have an experienced and knowledgeable retailer on your side. If you are in Massachusetts, check out the Campfire Cannabis dispensary for the best in both mid and high-strength marijuana. No matter your experience or familiarity with weed, Campfire Cannabis can help you find the best marijuana products for you. 

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