Natural Cold Remedies

Natural Cold Remedies

There are plenty of ways to take care of your health without resorting to drugs. Certain types of natural remedies can be just as effective, if not more so, than medications. If you have a cold, you may be looking for ways to alleviate your symptoms. If you’re sick of downing antibiotics every time you get a cold and are looking for natural remedies, here are some of the best herbs that can help relieve your symptoms.

In this article, we’ll examine some of the most popular natural remedies that are clinically proven to reduce the severity of cold and flu symptoms.

Best natural cold remedies

1. Echinacea is a perennial flowering plant that was used by Native Americans to fight infection and prevent illness.

2. Ginger is an herb that’s been used as an effective remedy for nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea for centuries in India.

3. Honey has antiviral properties that can be especially helpful if you have a sore throat associated with your cold or flu since it will coat the throat and stop bacterial growth in person suffering from a sore throat due to their cold or flu

4. White willow bark contains salicylic acid which makes it an effective anti-inflammatory when taken internally

Best herbs to deal with a cold


Basil is a great herb to keep in your fridge all year around. Finely chop up the fresh basil leaves and store them inside ice cube trays, filling with water before freezing. This can help to alleviate the symptoms associated with colds, coughs and the flu if you add it to salads and lemonade, to name a couple of examples.


Thyme, a common spice, has been making its way into most kitchens for quite some time. A lot of people are now starting to use thyme for its immune-boosting and anti-bacterial properties. Thyme leaves can clear congestion by helping with Vitamin A and C. They are a natural flu remedy that also has antimicrobial properties.


Garlic is an incredibly effective herb for boosting immunity because it inhibits inflammation, viruses, and fungi. Even garlic supplements can be taken as a preventative measure against flu symptoms.


Ginger can induce sweating which is why it’s used to treat a fever. It can also help break one if that is what you’re going for. Ginger can be used as a spice in recipes or eaten raw. It is great at relieving the symptoms of a sore throat, especially when drank as tea that’s been crushed and mixed with hot water or gargled with.


Another plant option to try is lemongrass. It can be used for cold and flu relief by brewing the herb overnight and drinking it in form of a hot tea. This tea is one of many ways to reduce the symptoms of flu and other illnesses. Not only does it provide antioxidants, but it also contains vitamin C which helps with coughs. To get the effects of lemongrass without drinking tea, fill a mesh bag with chopped up lemongrass and put it in your bathtub so you can get these benefits that way.

You can treat a cold effectively using only natural remedies. Sarah Madsen is a master herbalist that can help you be in good health with organic products. Contact her at 808-280-5085 to book a 30-minute herb and nutrition consultation.

Natural Cold Remedies

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