Moon Rock Weed: What To Know

If you’ve been using cannabis products for a while, you’ve probably heard of “moon rock weed” at some point. You might have even seen it for sale at your local dispensary. But what is it exactly? 

If you’ve been smoking for a while, most of these new products and trends may not look like a suitable alternative to a good old-fashioned joint. Maybe you’ve been put off or confused by some of the conflicting information you’ve seen. Some sources (incorrectly) say that moon rock weed is a new, powerful strain of cannabis. Others may tell you it has something to do with MDMA. 

So, to clear up any confusion, here’s the definitive guide to moon rock weed. After all, getting the best information about your cannabis products is the first step toward getting the best cannabis experience.

What Is Moon Rock Weed?

Moon rock weed, also known as “cannabis caviar,” is basically a smokable ball of cannabis products containing three main ingredients: raw cannabis bud, hash oil, and kief. Essentially, moon rock weed is a “nugget” of whole, raw cannabis buds coated in generous amounts of both hash oil and kief. Moon rock weed doesn’t actually contain any harder drugs like ecstasy, but the incorporation of different cannabis products with a particular cannabis strain does provide a more powerful experience than your average joint. 

What makes moon rock weed different?

To get an idea of how moon rock weed differs from your average cannabis product, imagine you wanted a hit of caffeine and ended up mixing coffee, tea, and Red Bull into one cup. Drinking that would probably give you a bit more of an energy hit than any of the individual ingredients alone. 

Moon rock weed works using a similar principle. Since you have not one but three different cannabis products combined in a small ball, you get a bigger hit of THC from smoking moon rock weed than you would using each product individually. Of course, the exact THC levels of a moon rock weed nugget will depend on the THC levels of the cannabis, hash oil, and kief that goes into it. Still, if you’re smoking a moonrock joint for the first time, you should probably prepare yourself for a more powerful high than you’re used to. 

How to make moon rock weed

If you want to try moon rock weed but are put off by the higher prices in dispensaries, making your own is pretty easy. Once you’ve picked up some bud, concentrate, and kief that suits your preferences, you only need to spread the concentrate on a simple butter knife, heat it from below with a lighter to melt the oil, and then spread the oil on your buds. You can then dunk the oiled buds in a jar of kief until it coats the outside of the bud nugget. 

Finding the Best Moon Rock Weed with Campfire Cannabis

For cannabis users both experienced and new, moon rock weed can be an exciting and fulfilling addition to their experience. Of course, getting the best moon rock weed means getting the best cannabis products to put in it. If you’re a cannabis user in Massachusetts, you can find all moon rock weed ingredients, and more, at Campfire Cannabis. 

With two locations in West Boylston and Salisbury, Campfire Cannabis is the dispensary that Massachusetts aficionados turn to for high-quality products. So, whether you want to see what all the fuss is about with moon rock weed or just get the best out of the traditional products you know and love, check out Campfire Cannabis today!

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