Massachusetts Dispensary Staff Picks: 8 Movies For A Night In

There’s nothing better on an evening than lighting up a joint, putting the world on pause, and settling in with a good movie. Whether alone or with friends, getting lost in an immersive storyline can be exactly what you need when you’re high. 

Here are our favorite movies to watch while high. They’re not movies about stoners. Instead, they have some of the best plots, funniest gags, and most intriguing visuals to help entertain you on your stoned adventures. 

2001: A Space Odyssey

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, scientists discover an artifact underneath the moon’s surface. They set off on a spacecraft to find its origins, with help from the ship’s AI, H.A.L. 9000. While it has amazing visuals and epic music, steer clear of this movie if you’d like to avoid getting existential while high.

The Muppet Movie

In The Muppet Movie, Kermit the frog road trips across the US to reach Hollywood and audition for his big break. On his way, he meets classic Muppet character friends. Unfortunately, a frog’s legs merchant is on his trail the whole trip. Put this movie on for its crazy plot, musical numbers, and timeless slapstick comedy. 

Howl’s Moving Castle

In this Studio Ghibli story, a young hatmaker is cursed by a witch to live in an old body. To break the spell, she must team up with companions in a castle with legs and free a fire demon. Settle in for an evening of stoned over-analysis and startling beauty with this stunning film. 

The Big Lebowski

A laidback slacker is mistaken for a millionaire with big issues. When debt collectors ruin his rug, he gets himself and his bowling buddies tangled up in Los Angeles’ criminal underworld. This Coen brothers classic weaves fascinating characters with ridiculous and unpredictable plot lines. Prepare for plenty of intrigue and giggles. 

Doctor Strange

A Marvel film unlike any other, Doctor Strange journeys into mysticism and alternate dimensions. A talented neurosurgeon suffers a tragic car accident. He must use an array of metaphysical abilities and artifacts to act as an intermediary between our world and the beyond. Watch this movie if you want to leave the planet for a few hours. 

Galaxy Quest

Actors from a sci-fi TV series are thrown in at the deep end when an alien race mistakes them for real space-farers and asks for their help. Enjoy this satire of Star Trek subculture, with plenty of feel-good vibes as the crewmates set aside their past differences to work together. 

Raiders of the Lost Ark

The original Indiana Jones movie opens with our favorite 1930s archaeology professor escaping a deadly trap in a South American jungle. Follow Indy as he searches Asia and Africa for an artifact that holds the key to human existence. Choose this franchise when light-hearted action-adventure fits the vibe. 


View the world in all its beautiful complexities with this no-dialogue, full-length movie compilation of sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial complexes, and natural wonders from 25 countries. Tune into Samsara if you’re too stoned to keep up with a storyline, but still want to have your socks blown off. 

Tips for a Night In With Cannabis

Prepare a little before your cannabis-fuelled movie night. Stock up on favorite snacks for you and your buddies, pile on the cushions and blankets, and arrange the lighting just right.

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