marijuana treatment Suffolk County

marijuana treatment Suffolk County

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, was used for centuries to relieve pain or treat various diseases and conditions. At Natural Pain Solutions, we specialize in medical marijuana treatment in Suffolk County, providing assistance and relief for a multitude of chronic and conventional health problems.

What is medical marijuana or medical cannabis?

Medical marijuana is a plant-based medicine extracted from Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa and is used to treat various diseases and severe conditions. It is similar to recreational marijuana, but with reduced psychoactive effects.

A marijuana plant contains over 100 cannabinoids each having a different effect on the body. The main chemicals used in medical marijuana are tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and cannabidiol or CBD. While CBD is the pain-relieving chemical in the plant, it comes together with THC that is responsible for making you “high.”

For improved benefits with lesser side effects, we are balancing the CBD and THD concentrations in the medical marijuana treatment in Suffolk County.

Uses of medical marijuana

The active elements in medical marijuana are similar to the ones used by our body to increase appetite, to stimulate memory, or movement and to reduce pain. Recent studies done on medical marijuana suggested that the active cannabinoids in the plant can have a positive effect on a large number of conditions and can:

  • Kill cancer cells and slow tumor growth
  • THC slows the progression in Alzheimer disease also having a positive impact in preventing it
  • Treat glaucoma by dealing with the pressure in the eyeball
  • Relieve arthritis effects by reducing the pain and inflammation associated with it, while helping the patients get a good night sleep
  • Control epileptic seizures acting as a muscle relaxant
  • Relax tight muscles and ease the pain of the patients suffering from multiple sclerosis
  • Soothe tremors and improve sleep for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease
  • Lessen side effects from Hepatitis C treatment helping the patients to continue their treatment
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Improves lung health and reverse the carcinogen effect of the tobacco
  • Control nausea and reduce the severe pains caused by cancer chemotherapy treatment
  • Protect the brain after a stroke
  • Improve weight gain by stimulating appetite in people with cancer and AIDS
  • Treat inflammatory bowel disease
  • Improve the symptoms of the autoimmune Lupus disorder
  • Control the muscle spasms

We have been one of the first institutions to acknowledge the merits of medical marijuana and use it for the benefit of our patients. For this reason, we advise you to contact us if you need urgent medical assistance.

Is it safe to use medical marijuana?

The THC level in medical marijuana is below the legally recommended limit and does not create addictions, making the medicine safe for use. Being a 100% natural product, the side effects are minimal, which is why we recommend our marijuana treatment Suffolk County as one of the most reliable medical procedures you can get.

At Natural Pain Solutions, we will make sure to adjust the treatment to your condition for immediate and long-lasting results. We will spare no efforts in understanding your needs, and we will be with you all the way.

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marijuana treatment Suffolk County

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