Marijuana Shop Guide: Vape Pods VS Cartridges VS Disposables

Portable vaporizers have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. They offer a unique alternative to conventional smoking, giving you smoother, more enjoyable experiences. The problem, however, is that there are so many options on the market today. With so many choices in marijuana shops, your excitement to get started can quickly get replaced with anxiety as you try to decide what to buy. Here, we’ll take a closer look at vape pods vs. cartridges vs. disposables, which can help you better navigate your options. 

Vape Pods

Vape pods are a type of portable vaporizer that consists of two main components. The first is the rechargeable battery and its housing. The other is the pod, which contains the heating element and cannabis oil. 

These vaporizers are a newer technology, and they’ve been gaining popularity in recent years. One of their unique features is that the pods snap into place with the help of a magnet. When you use up the pod, you remove it and replace it with a new one. 


A cannabis vape pod offers a few significant benefits. The pods securely attach to the battery in a way that prevents leaking (and, therefore, messes and wasted oil). It features a sleek, compact design similar to a USB stick. You can easily pop it into your bag or pocket and take it with you wherever you go. 


The main drawback to a vape pod is that the pods are typically proprietary. That means your battery will only work with pods of the same brand. This can limit your choices when it comes to replacement options. 


Cannabis cartridges, also known as vape carts (or even vape pens), also consist of two main components. The first is the rechargeable battery. While vape pod batteries are flat, cartridge batteries are rounded. In essence, they look like a regular pen. The other part is the cartridge, which contains the heating element and the cannabis oil. When you want to change your cartridge, you unscrew the old one, toss it away, and screw a new one into its place. 


Like vape pods, vape carts are small, discreet, and portable. They travel well in a pocket or bag. The main draw to these devices is that many use a universal 510 threading. This means that you can buy a replacement cart that’s a different brand from your battery, so long as the threading matches.

Cartridge batteries also come in a few different shapes and sizes. The most common is the pen-style battery. Others look more like small boxes that fit in the palm of your hand. 


The most notable drawback to a vape cartridge is that it’s more likely to leak oil, which can lead to messes and precious oil loss. That poor connection can also result in vaporization issues, which could affect your overall vaping experiences.


Like vape cartridges, disposable vapes look like writing pens. The difference, however, is that disposable vapes don’t have a replaceable cartridge. They also don’t have a rechargeable battery. They come pre-filled with oil and have a fully charged battery. After you use up the oil, you toss the entire pen and replace it with a new one. 


With a disposable vape, there’s no charging equipment needed. The pen comes ready to use right out of the box. Then, after you use up the last of the oil, you get a new one. There’s nothing to keep track of outside of the pen itself. 


The drawback to a disposable vape is that you do have to replace the entire pen every time you run out of oil. While the cost of a rechargeable cartridge or pod battery might be higher initially, you may end up spending more on disposables over time. Not to mention that most people toss their disposables into the trash rather than recycle them, which can be harmful to the environment. 

Vape Pods vs. Cartridges vs. Disposables: Which is Right for You?

Vape pods, cartridges, and disposables are all portable, convenient vaping tools. If you want the utmost convenience, disposables are the way to go. If you’re loyal to a brand, pods may be up your alley. Cartridges allow you to mix and match when you feel like it. Understanding the pros and cons of each can help you navigate your options in marijuana shops and make a more informed choice as to which is right for you. 

At Campfire Cannabis, you can find a wide selection of vape pods, cartridges, and disposables. If you’re unsure of which one to get, our experienced camp rangers can help you go over your options to make the right selection.  Visit us to see our selection of vapes and place your order today. 

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