How Should You Take a Tincture?

Tinctures are a great alternative for users who don’t want to have to smoke flower or eat edibles to experience the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. They also provide a useful method to measure exactly the dose you want to take. This post will outline how to use tinctures safely and effectively. 

First, What is a Cannabis Tincture? 

A cannabis tincture is made by extracting cannabis and infusing it with an alcohol or oil base. This substance is then sealed in a dark bottle, usually 15ml or 30ml in size, and administered using a dropper. 

With such a variety of products on the market, a tincture can contain a strain with more CBD, more THC, or an equal ratio of both. Some tinctures even feature other complementary terpenes or cannabinoids to help achieve specific outcomes. 

When choosing a tincture, think about what you’d like to get from it. Are you desperate for a better night’s sleep? Are you looking for sustained pain relief? Or do you just want to get high without having to smoke? This will all affect which tincture you decide to try. 

What Dose of Tincture Should I Take? 

Every product you buy should feature a recommended dose. If you’re new to cannabis or you know you have a low tolerance, start with half of the recommended dose. 

If you’re happy with these effects, you can stay at that dose. If you’d like to try a higher amount, wait at least two hours before following up with another dose. Be patient when experimenting to find your optimum dose of tincture. It’s better to administer too little and be disappointed than to take too much and become uncomfortably high. 

How Should I Take a Tincture? 

Fill the dropper to your selected dose and tip your head back slightly. Squeeze the cannabis tincture directly underneath your tongue. Hold it there for 15 seconds, or until it has been completely absorbed. 

Placing the tincture under your tongue is the optimum way to dose. The cannabis passes through the sublingual artery under your tongue, entering your bloodstream more rapidly. 

You can also swallow your tincture or prepare it into food and drink. But if you choose to take it this way, expect the tincture to act more like an edible and take longer to kick in. 

How Long Until I Feel the Effects?  

If you dose a tincture under the tongue, you should feel its benefits within 15 minutes or up to an hour after taking it. You’ll reach your peak high after around 90 minutes, and the effects can last overall for between four to six hours. 

Remember that if you swallow a tincture instead, it can take up to two hours to have any effect, as the cannabis is first processed by the liver before reaching the bloodstream. 

Can I Make My Own Tinctures? 

Yes, you can make your own homemade tincture by using cannabis flower or concentrate and carefully following a guide. 

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